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Just Thinking...

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Yes, I do think on occasion. I was thinking about my first time out with my 1998 Bunkhouse. Up until our trip down to Texas I hadn't even pulled my trailer. This was May 2017 and I had just put on the hitch (Which didn't fit) but it pulled my trailer and got me through the trip.

Our route took us out of Denver and Hwy 86 to I-70 and down on Hwy 287. I carried extra gas thankfully because the trailer tore up the mileage on my 1982 GL1100 Aspencade. Went from my normal 40-43 mpg all the way down to 25-27! That hurt. After we turned down 287 we hit a hail storm. Small hail, not too bad. But the second hail storm hit hard. Anyone who knows Colorado in the plains, knows there is nowhere to stop. We hunkered down behind the windshields and let them take the brunt of the hail. We pulled in for gas that time and I filled up with 5.03 gallons. Not what I like to do.

We continued down 287 to Dumas, Texas where we stopped for the night. I have camped in their free campground a number of times but that was always in a solid wall trailer. In the Bunkhouse, it was NOISY! My son put in his earplugs but did he bother to suggest that to me? Nah. :lol:

We had the traffic noise, the trains that I hoped would be 1 or 2 were 6-7 and had to signal each time at the intersection. Did I mention it was noisy there?

Headed into DFW area, left a couple days later after visiting my mom and went to Richardson Texas via Bryant Texas. We stopped for a bite to eat and to consider where to stay and found out that there was a nice campground next to the picnic area we were at. We decided to set up and stay there. Only one other camper was there. We enjoyed outside for a bit but soon after setting up the storm came in. It was a good one too! High winds, strong gusts, lightning and thunder, heavy rain. It sure blew the tent portion around but we slept inside comfortable and dry. The storm stayed for about 1-2 hours and then cleared. Nothing was damaged, we had a good nights sleep and got up to head to Big Spring, Texas the next morning.

The trip was hot but it was a great time heading up. We went through the Hanger 25 Museum in Big Spring and continued on up 176 toward Carlsbad NM. Visited Carlsbad Caverns and camped at Bryant Lake. Great place to camp.

Next day, up to Roswell and camped at the Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM. Visited Roswell and headed home. I had talked to my daughter and she needed us to head home we decided. Her mother (my ex) had been found dead. I told my son the route and told him to continue but he felt it was better we both headed back. We stopped only one night going home and got a room. It was raining heavy and was very cold. We felt we needed to be comfortable so we stayed at a hotel that night. Got up the next morning. Talk about cold! We couldn't dress enough to stay warm. But from Trinidad to Denver is only about 4 hours. We stopped to warm up and continued on, getting home just after noon.

That was our third attempt at taking that vacation. Got most of it done but missed some other things we wanted to do. The Bunkhouse made it so nice camping out! I have made some plans for camping on my weekends more this summer. I found a few campgrounds within 1-2 hours of home. That will make it quick and easy to get away from the house.

Just felt like rambling and putting something down about the trailer. It flexed and moved but it kept everything nice and comfortable for us inside. Eventually I'll buy another one with the larger room on it. But until then, I'll enjoy what I have.

Ride safe everyone!

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