Miles on the Bike

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Miles on the Bike

Post by TAZZ »

Hi guys I like to ask does of you the go on long trips how long do the average of you bike daily.

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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by MiWinger51 »

About a year and a half ago I did a 600 mile ride in a day. Last year I managed at least four 450 mile days while on tours. This year I hope to do even more. BTW, Ill be sixty eight in less than 2 weeks. I gave up riding while raising a family and took it up again when I was 62. It's not how old you are it's how old you feel.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by 823JIM »

Last summer rode a couple 650 mile days, pulling trailer, on way to and from Laconia, NH motorcycle rally. Then latter in the summer rode a 909 mile day (Belding, MI to Mitchell, SD) riding two up and pulling trailer on way to Sturgis, SD and a 700 mile day on way back to Michigan.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by Rednaxs60 »

The issue is not the daily mileage, but what you want to see on the way. Some days depending can be quite long, and others short. A friend of mine mentioned that if he did it again he would take more time and stop more often. Having mentioned this, depends on where you are going and why. Came across from northern Ontario to Victoria, BC last June. Since it wasn't a site seeing trip kept riding with daylight, June has long days. Had one day of 1220 Kms (758 miles approx), and stopped four times for food and to stretch.

If you are on a time line, decide whether you are going to enjoy the trip out and beetle it back home afterwards, or go out to the end destination quickly then enjoy the ride back.

There are many factors that influence the daily ride, hotel availability if not camping is another one. Went cross country in 2015 and there was a stretch where the hotels were booked up in every little town I stopped in, found one, but at a premium.

The other issue with motorcycle touring is that if you can do the distance in a car say in 6 hours, add 3 hours on a motorcycle. We tend to stop more, take longer at coffee and eating stops - getting undressed and dressed, needing to stretch and such - two up riding adds a bit as well. Just a fact of touring on a motorcycle.

Have done quite a few trips in the past four years, solo and two up, anywhere from 2200 Kms to 5500 Kms. Going to Alaska this summer. Have a departure date and a back home date, 4 weeks allocated. The Mrs has a tentative schedule with the caveat that we will see as much as possible and if the time gets such that we won't get to the end destination, we will turn around and meander home.

All I have mentioned influences my trip rides. A 300 to 400 mile day is comfortable. It's not about the distance, it's about the quality of the ride and seeing as much as possible. Hope this helps a bit.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by AZgl1800 »

If the only point of the ride is , from Point A, to Point B....
I hit the interstates and lock the cruise at +3-5 over the limits....
that can get you about 800 miles/day depending on time of the year....

at 75 now, 360 miles is my limit, and I want to be in the hotel room by 3:30 and showering down.

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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by Viking »

I normally aim for about 500 a day, or 10 to 12 hours riding time, whichever comes first, but if I see something I want to see better, I may only go 50 miles to the next stop and then spend the day doing my looking. I camp pretty much exclusively, so that also gives me the incentive to not go too long, as I like the camp set up and ready to go to bed if I am tired. I heard mention that late sixties was time to slow down, and I am 70 as I write this, and have slowed down, so there it be. I used to aim for 900 to a thousand if I was trying to get somewhere, but I seemed to need less sleep then and would motel it if it got dark. That was also on a motorcycle that kept a person awake by its very nature.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by C-dub »

So far the wife and I have done about 300-325 a day getting to and from with pleasure rides at the destination of about 250. I did a 500 mile to and from last Spring that wasn't too bad. 30 years ago I made a few trips to and from Dallas & San Diego and I split it up into three days each time, so I think each day was a little under 500 miles, but I wanted to give myself time to get dinner and relax a little each evening before falling asleep.

One trip coming home from San Diego on leave I got anxious and took off early and rode long and made it 900 miles in 20 hours before having to stop because it was too cold.

The wife and I have plans/aspirations for several trip over the next 2-5 years that will all be much better and doable if we can get at least 400 mile days with the occasional 500-600. With that in mind I have several trips planned out that are between 300-500 miles in 50 mile increments that start and end at home so we can get used to the long days in the saddle.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by 89 1500 »

All depends on where I'm going. Just getting out for a Sunday ride we'll run 250 more or less. If I'm heading out of state It's an all day affair guestimating 900 miles or better. I'm in Central Texas and it's a 6 hour run to the closest state line for me and I try to get as far as I can on the first day. My 15 makes it a lot easier on me than when I rode H-D a lot more room and no constant vibration and wind buffeting.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by TAZZ »

Thanks guys just wanted to get a idea cause wife wants to go to Mount. Rushmore, from Santa Monica CA to S. Dakota
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by jjrheam »

My wife and I have been all over the 48 states. We are way past the camping stage so we stay in motels. A normal sight seeing trip from PA to California and north to Washington and all the northern states took us 6 weeks. Spent the same amount of time going south to Key West and out through the southern states to California and back. Went through the New England states in about 10 days. Both trips to west coast were about 10,000 miles each. Do the math... 42 days 10,000 miles 238 miles a day average. Some days we rode 400 or more and some days we rode 150. Depending what we were looking at. Tried to get into most of the national parks. If you need more information feel free to ask. I ride a 2014 Goldwing and pull a Hannigan trailer. Plan to go to Cheyenne Wyoming and Rocky Mt, National Park this year.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by BlueThunder »

Most I've put on a bike in a day is 823 miles. Depending on where I go, I typically go 900-1300 miles over 3 or 4 days.

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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by Mountain rider »

We try to keep it between 250 and 300 miles a day so we don't feel too beat up. If we are doing a little more sightseeing, then we'll adjust accordingly. If there's a specific place we need to be, we may extend that out a bit. It's just a matter of planning out where you want to be, what you want to see, when you need to be there, and how much time you have to do it. Hope you have an enjoyable ride.
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by DenverWinger »

My record is 1250, Denver CO to Jackson Mi straight through, but I was much younger then... :lol:

Generally, traveling 2 up and pulling camper we'll do 150-400 in a day, maybe as much as 800 if we have somewhere to be at a certain time...
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Re: Miles on the Bike

Post by Big Blue UK »

I like to be out by daybreak if the forecast is good, especially when clear sky is forecast, like to be in a nice spot to watch the sunrise while cooking breakfast. A long ride for me is about 400 miles, which is not that often, I never do less than 150 miles on a day out. More a journey than destination traveller, and like to stop to sightsee. Living on a island has its limits. I think if I ever visited the US, I would never get very far stopping every 5 minutes with my gob open. I would have to ride on my own, as I imagine quite vividly, other riders saying to each other "Bloody hell, has he stopped again" and "Now what has he stopped for".

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