Seattle to San Diego

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Seattle to San Diego

Post by roadog1951 »

Just brainstorming and looking for tips from those who've been there done that...........

Go from Spokane to Seattle over a few days......gotta be a scenic way to get from Spokane to Seattle over them little mountains right?

Then Seattle to San Diego?? along the hurry, no schedule...

I may take the bike somewhere in Seattle and upgrade my two speakers and ad an amp to boast them...any recommendations? I tried Sena headset...wouldn't play loud enough...tried using my Airbuds...uncomfortable and clumsy. Going back to the bikes speakers which I have rarely used. Any suggestions for speakers?

TIA, flying to Spokane tomorrow to resume the adventure!

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Re: Seattle to San Diego

Post by GWHondaHog »

Whatever you do, don't take the fwy (I-90) out of Spokane. Plan on crossing the Cascades via Hwy 2 or North Cascade (Hwy 20). Might as well go by Grand Coulee dam on that route. After Seattle, swing out to the Olympic & route down the Coast (carry rain gear). Great sea foods along that route & around Ilwaco & crossing over to Astoria. Scenic. Hwy 101 down the Oregon Coast is very beautiful & scenic. Also can be very crowded with traffic; lots of traffic lite to contend with. Don't miss the cheese/ice cream factory tour @ Tillamook. Norther California coast is also very beautiful; Southern CA is Southern Cal! Don't miss the USS Midway tour in San Diego. Sounds like a great trip; have fun & enjoy.
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Re: Seattle to San Diego

Post by cardinal »

Going across the Golden Gate bridge, take exit 439 to Merchant road to Lincoln Blvd and stay on the wide roads until you get to 34th then straight ahead to Geary where you head West. There's a lot to see along there and the traffic isn't too bad. No steep hills, either.
I'd get across the Central Valley and go over Tehachapi Pass and cross into San Diego as far south as possible. Maybe come in through Riverside.
Have you ever ridden the California Coastal Highways? If not you're in for a treat.
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Re: Seattle to San Diego

Post by kwthom »

A bit dated, but may still be useful...

As cardinal mentioned above, there's a certain point of California coastal travel that goes from 'fun' to 'not-fun', and that point varies from person to person.

From around Santa Monica south - the coastal road is NOT contiguous, and many stretches of it are full of 'beach traffic'. Lots of 'lookie-loos' and so-forth. To me, just not worth it.

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