Nice trip in Wester Norway with some problems.

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Nice trip in Wester Norway with some problems.

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Last Friday night I got the bike ready for the ride, checked the bike and filled up the tank. Took an extra gas can as a spare. Saturday morning I left. After many tunnels, a mountain pass, two ferries, I arrived at my friend's cabin far west in western Norway. (Ytre Sula: ... ty-p809753) After 5 hours I arrive.

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After an evening of good food, drink and good night's sleep, I drive on the next day to meet other driving friends. They started the trip one day later. We spend the day exploring the islands on their narrow and winding roads. If you meet a car, there is just enough space for a motorcycle to pass. On the way home, someone needed to refuel, so they stopped at a gas station. I myself thought and use the spare jug, something I did. After a couple of kilometers we drive into the Masfjord tunnel. This is over 4000 meters long and a climb of over 8 degrees. There is very heavy traffic this afternoon. After about 200 meters inside the tunnel, the bike starts to fail, the engine dies when I accelerate. If I turn it off, the engine wakes up again. If I give full throttle, the engine dies first before it wakes up again and gives power. Since the traffic is so heavy, I think it's just trying to get through the tunnel. Out of the tunnel and up on the mountain it flattens out and is downhill after a few kilometers. Keep going to the next gas station, 40 km / 64 miles. While I was driving I thought a lot, bad petrol, water in petrol etc. Well on arrival at the petrol station the engine dies immediately. We begin to discuss possible causes ...
Then we check the jug (it is marked petrol) here smells like diesel :(
I had filled up with diesel, had over 40% diesel in the tank. Filled the tank with 14 liters of 98 octane. Then had about 20% diesel in relation to the fuel in the tank. Started the bike before the engine got cold and continued the trip home. After a few kilometers, the engine started to work better and I got home. The following days there was a lot of driving to empty the tank, fill up with petrol .. At first I thought I should empty the tank, but now had a reason to drive an extra lot to empty this :)
How diesel has been stored on this jug I have not yet found out, most likely will not find out either.

Lesson, always smell the jug before filling ...

But despite this it was a fantastic trip :)

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Re: Nice trip in Wester Norway with some problems.

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Glad it worked out for you. Simple, cheap 'fix' and lesson learned. :)

Ron in AZ
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Re: Nice trip in Wester Norway with some problems.

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I have a couple of small gas cans like that,
1 for the bike marked Pure Gas Bike
and the 2nd one is marked TCP3 Mix for the lawnmower.

over here we use a "Yellow" can for Diesel only, so hopefully I never get diesel into my bike's spare gas can.

glad you made it home, beautiful area in that video, love the music.

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Re: Nice trip in Wester Norway with some problems.

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Yeah right, like I believe that. Any excuse to ride a few extra miles. Lol.

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