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Christmas Season Ride 2020

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:05 pm
by Eboness
This won't be as interesting as Detdrbuzzard Thanksgiving Day ride post, which was great mind you, but here in the Pacific Northwest we can be lucky enough to ride during the Christmas Season. My rule is 30% chance of rain days, not salted or salt brim roads unless rain has washed it away a day or two before for a ride to even happen. The last few Christmases we been lucky and a Christmas Day ride was very much in the cards. This year being 2020 of course no such luck here in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, however a couple of days later we had a day that met my rules for a ride. Really needed some wind therapy even though temp was 5C. Pictures taken on Westham Island bridge. Snow capped North Shore mountains of Vancouver with full moon in other pictures. Full LED lights on and under mirrors LEDs finally got them positioned that nobody flashed their high beams at me. Great day to be alive and riding.