How many bikes have you owned?

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1980 Honda cx500 turbo..."SOLD" My latest bike is a 1994 GL1500SE, side car rig.

Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by Ravyn »

I don't know. I have been riding since 1962 , I think. :lol: I can't count that high. :D

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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by joeincalif »

In order that I can remember.
69 CB 350 Honda
72 CB 750 K1
75 Honda CB 750
72 Kawasaki H1 500 triple
81 Honda CB 900 Custom
71 Honda CB 750
81 Honda CB 900 Custom (a different one)
81 Honda Gold wing 1100
85 Honda Gold Wing 1200
92 Honda Gold Wing 1500
98 Honda Gold Wing 1500
02 Honda Gold Wing 1800
08 Honda Gold Wing 1800
09 Kawasaki Concours 1400
07 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600
97 Honda Gold Wing 1500
02 Honda Sabre VT 1100
07 Honda Shadow Spirit 750
98 Honda VT 1100 T
05 Honda Shadow AREO 750
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1980 GL1100 STD Vetter (2005-)
1993 GL1500 Aspencade (2017-)
1983 Trav-Lite Camper (2010-)
Past rides
1972 CL350 (1980-1988) sold
1978 Suzuki GS550 (1985-2005) sold
1977 GL1000 (2002-2006) sold

Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by DenverWinger »

They're all under my Avatar :lol:
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by lash »

Since I got back into bikes 7years ago:
1976 Cb750k6- sold
1979 CBX1000-sold
2014 CB1100 - sold
2003 Kawasaki KLR650 green
2007 Honda Rebel 250 black
1969 Honda CB750 red
1969 Honda CB750 blue
1969 Honda CB750 gold
1971 Honda CB750 green
1972 Honda CB750 orange
2018 Honda Gl1800 Tour DCT red
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by bellboy40 »

Hi lash! Good to have you on the forum. Looks as if you like the CB750s no matter what color they are. :D
I bought a 76 CB750 new. I had it about 4 years or so. It was a good running bike. Then I got into Goldwings.
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by lash »

Ya, I guess so ! I get them as barn bikes and do restores. Problem is after I get them finished and ride them a couple of times I cant seem to part with them..
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by ron203 »

1971 Honda CB 350
1978 Honda CB 400T (Hawk)
(took a 32 year "riding break" 1979-2008) LOL
2000 Kawasaki Concours C-10
2014 Kawasaki Concours C-14
2008 Honda GL 1800
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by Wholelottarosie »

69 100 Hodaka
72 175 Yamaha
71 125 Kawasaki
73 250 Yamaha
74 360 Yamaha
78 Harly Lowrider Shovel
78 FLHS Harley Electra Glide
83 CB 1000 Honda
86 Gl1200 Interstate
86 Gl 1200 Interstate. (Wineberry)
2005 GS F650 BMW
96 GL1500 Interstate (Current inventory)
2016 650 KLR
2013 Yamaha Super Tenere (Current inventory)
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by beastwood »

My list is just three bikes. I started at age 57.
Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic 2001

Yamaha Royal Star Venture 2008

Honda Goldwing GL1800 2006

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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by CrazyCatman »

Uff... been changing bikes almost as often as I have changed girlfriends in some years :lol:

First bike I got in 2009 I had was a 1974 Yamaha RD350-A (351) - then while having that one sitting around I decided to go for a 1993 Yamaha XV250 Virago (3LS) to ride on until I got my license (and after this too).
I then swapped an Aprilia RS50 for a 1977 (reg. date) Yamaha RD350-B (351) - A is the first model with drum brakes from the R5 and B is the second with disc brakes; this one was bored to 380cc and had some other tune-up works done - this one was crazy, and I actually never drove it, but I still have it.
In 2010 I then bought a 1990 MZ ETZ 125 Deluxe - the last German produced MZ before the 250cc models moved to Turkey to be made. This was mainly used as a winter bike for one winter season before being swapped in 2011 for a 1973 Honda CB350 K4 which I spent the summer working on. A few months after I traded my Virago for my third RD - a 1992 Yamaha RD350 R (2UA) which I have enjoyed many many many kilometres on.

In 2011 or 2012 I also got myself a Yamaha RS125 MK2 frame - with matching engine number and I had a few good parts laying around but not enough for a complete rebuild; so in autumn 2012 I bought a 1976 Yamaha RS125 (480) MK1 in boxes which could have been used for donor parts as this one had no documents - however it turned out to be complete - and with matching numbers so I decided to build it up and later I would apply for new documents.
The MK2 was at some point given away to a friend who wanted a small bike for café racer project so she got the frame, engine, an YB100 fork and wheel and got to pick parts from my workshop that I didn't already reserve for other projects.
The MK1 was swapped for a German registered 1981 Yamaha XS 400 (2A2) in april 2013, which a half year later was swapped for two MZ bikes: a 1966 MZ ES 150 and a 1977 MZ TZ 150 both which got sold to make room.
The CB350 K4 was earlier that year swapped for a 1994 Jawa 350 640 Blue Style - this have unfortunately been stolen from me and never returned (the RD350-B was standing next to it untouched).

At somepoint I have also picked up two 2005 Lifan LT150-T5 scooters - one with documents and one which were factory new with plastic foil on many parts... those were both sold to a guy who had a few of these and could really use the undocumented for parts.

In the more curious department, I once got a 1940 Ardie VF125 frame - for the price of postage - which I have been working on getting parts for, which have included a fuel tank, an engine (unfortunately the civilian model; S125 Junior) and some other useful parts; the rear frame was first not given to me, but then later I came to get it, which needs to be repaired since the guy have chopped it for another bike... But this is a fun little long time project that I look forward to.
Having a Facist military bike is one thing but to equal it out, I then decide also to have a Communist military bike: a 1965 KMZ K750-M build in Kiev in Soviet-Ukraine; this was in fair mechanical condition, but in terrible cosmetic condition as the previous owner decided for a rat look. The fuel tank, handlebar, exhausts and other parts he had left to surface rust have been sanded and painted and this will soon be a decent bike again!

So what do I have in the garage now (April 5th 2021):
1940 Ardie VF125
1965 KMZ K750-M
1977 Yamaha RD350-B
1984 Honda GL1200A Aspencade
1992 Yamaha RD350-R
+ the stolen 1994 Jawa
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Re: How many bikes have you owned?

Post by milkman44 »

From the previous post.

My unimpressive list:
New 1965 Honda Benley touring-stolen
New 1973 Kawasaki Z903- scary fast and loose-also stolen, but had ins. this time.
Used 1975 Z903 W/flat rear tire, scared prev owner so bad had to sell, $1600 less than 2500 miles. Sold in '78due to back inj.

Now lusting after '95 or later GL1500

Still lusting for a Goldwing, but now the DCT has caught my eye.

This is my current ride, thanks to my daughter giving up riding.

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