What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by tom84std »

Mine began in third grade with a Taiwan built minicycle sold by Yamaha. Years later I had a street license and no motorcycle. I found an ad in the local paper. A guy was selling one of these for $40. It was certainly in my price range so I took it home and refurbished it. Rode the crap out of it. I remember riding it in the rain one afternoon, afterward I became deathly ill with the flu.

Later I became gainfully employed. I bought one just like this brand new in 1976.

I loved that bike. Again I rode the crap out of it for two years. I enlisted in the military and had to leave it behind. I was stationed in the wilderness and made an acquaintance with a local civilian farmer. One day I found a pair of these laying in the grass behind his barn.

Rusted and corroded. Oxidized paint. I swapped him a pair of Chevrolet small block heads for them and took them home. I lived off-base and spent an entire weekend even into the wee hours converting the two old hulks into one working bike, er.. Moped. It was my only source of transportation for over a year. Two-stroke, three speed with a clutch. I modified the block-outs and tuned the thing for a top speed of about 50 MPH. Again I rode the crap out of it. I saved the tidy sum of $800 and managed to purchase this beautiful thing, except mine was blue..

This is the one that nearly first killed me with the help of a local automobile driver. On a promise to my spouse at the time I remained on strictly four wheels and never rode again for the next twenty years. Upon the dissolution of that marriage, I realized I had no more promise to fulfill. I soon found myself involved with a girl, if you want to call a 40 year old woman a girl. She had one of these stored in her garage and she sorely wanted to liquidate it and get rid of it. So...

It was a wonderful little bike. Need to go to the store? Hop on, hit the button and you're on you're way! But I had fallen in love with British bikes. Soon I found myself wanting a BSA.

Back in the saddle again! Soon I married that girlfriend and she wanted to ride with me on long overnight trips. Can't do that on a 30 year old BSA. We bought our first Goldwing in 2000. The girl is gone now but the Goldwing remains and I'm working on my second (Goldwing).
I still ride British bikes around the neighborhood but I still love long distance multi-state adventures. Which would you rather ride on a 2500 mile excursion, a british bike built in the 60's or a Goldwing?

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by thrasherg »

Okay, well here goes my History!! At the ripe old age of 16, I got my first motorized transport, A yamaha DT50 (Pre-monoshock), this was my savior!! I rode it thousands of miles in my first year, one up and two up with tent and camping gear, got thrown of American air force bases with it and just had a great time.. Somewhere in the middle I managed to find time for school, I worked at McDonalds every weekend to save money for gas and my next bike..

Then when I turned 17 I bought a Honda SuperDream (Turned out to be a super Nightmare) but it was much quicker and allowed me to go even further..
I overtook a car that turned in front of me, result was a broken leg for me and my brother who was on the back!! I rebuilt it, but it never worked as it should

Then I sold the 250 and got a real motorbike, a Honda CB750F2!! Dual overhead cams and what a looker (Okay it looked like the super nightmare on steroids) but it was fast and fun.. Rode it all over Europe to visit motorcycle races and just for holidays.

Eventually I decided I wanted something bigger and faster so I bought a new Kawasaki GPZ900, this bike was just amazing, small, light and very quick.. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, mine was blue and silver..

As this was my first ever new to me bike, I didn't want it going rusty during the winter so I bought a little daily commuter:-

It was very slow, smoked a lot but was reliable and cheap.. I also bought a bike in boxes, it was a large collection of boxes and turned out to be a yamaha RD200, I put it together and rode if for 2 years with about 6 blow ups, then I ran out of spare parts and someone stole it..

I ended up high siding myself on a roundabout on the GPZ900 and my mother convinced me to sell the GPZ.
I spent about 2 years with only the CZ for 2 wheel transport (Had a little MG sports car), then decided I wanted a bike, but something even lighter and faster than the GPZ, so I bought myself a 1 year old RG500

I kept that bike for the next 15 years and only sold it a year ago under pressure from my wife. I rode it all over Europe, raced on it for 3 years and destroyed more engines than I care to remember..
In 2000 I decided I wanted a modern 4 stroke and bought a new YZF-R1, it was my best bike ever..

In 2005 I left France and moved to Texas, so had to sell the R1, but brought the RG with me.. When I arrived in Texas I decided I wanted another 2 smoke, so I purchased a 1987 Yamaha RZ350

I rode that for 2 years until my daughters complained about the comfort (or lack of !!) so i then decided I wanted something more comfortable, so I ended up purchasing a 2004 Honda GL1800

And that is where I am today, never thought I would own a wing before I turned 60, but at just 45 I have one and would never be without one.. Absolutely love the comfort and all the gadgets.. My daughters love to ride on it, so everyone is happy..

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by virgilmobile »

I started think back.... Before I was legal to drive them on the road and started looking up pictures of some of the bikes I've owned and the progression in size.
I found as I got older,the engines got larger.
Here's what I remember.....I've excluded the dirt bikes that scared me like the Suzuki 500cc single.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by st4r50 »

I started on the road with a '78 CB-750a (a is for automatic transmission)
Kaw 454
250 Rebel
650 Nighthawk
V-65 Magna
88 GL 1500
02 GL 1800

A couple others that I only kept for short times were mixed in there along the way. I wish I'd have know how much I love wings when I was much younger, I'd have had 25 more years of riding a wing.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by smallr46 »

well here goes I wasn't allowed to have a motorbike when I was a teenager .So when I would get out from the house I would ride some of my friends bikes I learned on a dirt bike it was a honda but i did not know the size . I bought my first bike in 1998 it was a Suzuki Intruder I loved that bike . Me& my wife rode together on that bike for about 5 years. I bought my first wing about 6 months ago it is a 1997 1500 se . I cant believe the ride that I get from this bike I am adding lots of acces to it . I will put some pic up as soon as i can. I dont know a whole lot about my wing but i like this site & know that from what I have been reading I can do all the things that I want to do . thanks for all the issues that u guys talk about I am learing a lot.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Possum51 »

I have 4 older brothers, so I was on the back of one of their bikes off and on growing up. At around 12 years old one of my brothers had a KZ900 and he would get on the back and after I got it going (slowly) he would slide off the back and I'd ride it around the school yard a few times and I'd slow down almost to a stop next to him and he would catch the bike cause I couldn't even come close to putting my feet down. As for me lets see: 1st 1982 Sportsters, then 13 years without, then a 90 sportster then a 96 sportster, next a 2004 roadking, then a 74 shovelhead one of my brothers and I did a complete frame off restoration on and currently a 84 GL1200 interstate.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by seabee_ »

Tom, I like the 360 you had. Back in high school I had a 75 cb360t in red. Rode that thing for years before I went into the navy and had to leave it in a shed.
CE1 Navy Seabees/RET
1981 to 2002
ASE Mechanic

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by tom84std »

That's a crazy coincidence seabee! I bought a '76 CB360T new in '76. Rode it for about a year or so and put around 15000 miles on it. Joined the Air Force and put it in a shed. In my absence my mother sold it to a neighborhood kid. I bought the Bonneville to replace it.
I had the head-on with the car on it, while I was in the hospital from that, the kid who had bought my Honda was killed on it in an accident.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by bjatwood »

I was 9 in 1969 when the Honda Trail 70 came out. All the cool kids had them and I wanted to get rid of my lawn mower Briggs and Stratton mini bike for one of these mini motorcycles. Well my Mom and Dad were jsut finishing up college and told me that if I was good and not get into any trouble they would buy me one. I towed the line and never ended up with one! We would go to the Honda shop to get one, always on Sunday!! My Dad knew it would be closed :evil:
But I did get to ride one of the neighbors Gold Trail 70's quite a bit. Toyed with a Honda CB900 custom in the mid 80's a bit. Sold it after a close encounter of the auto kind. (daughter was very yound) I wanted to see her grow up! LOL Finally got my Trail 70 in 2007 after wanting one for over 38 years! I still have the Trail 70, restored to perfection! And have actually restord quite a few old Honda's as a hobby for people. I charge 1K for my labor, and when it's done I put the 1K into something else 2 wheeled that I "need" :mrgreen:
My lovely bride bought me my High school dream bike for our 25th wedding anniversary. A CB750K3 retro rocket SOHC4 bike that makes sweet music out of the 4 into 4 exhaust pipes! :lol: We had so much fun riding it together that I suggested we might want a GoldWing to be a bit more comfortable on. She told me to not let the door hit me on the ass and to go get one! Man, I Love her! I knew she was a keeper from the first dance I saw her at. I bought a 1998 GL1500SE in March of this year with a whopping 28K on it. It is a awesome machine that has been great fun so far. I hope to continue taking her and the bike farther into this beautiful country of ours for many years to come! Please see below my bike pics.... Thanks and Happy Trails to you all :D

1971 CT70 HKO 4 speed
1971 CT70 HKO 4 speed

1973 CB750K3
1973 CB750K3

The Wing in da Sunshine
The Wing in da Sunshine

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Bouvier1 »

I started out with a 1965 BSA C15, year later got a 1970 BSA Lightning which I had for about 3yrs before someone kindly dropped some ball barings in the plug holes. Rebuilt the engine to 750 which gave me a top speed of about 130 mph (showing 135/140 on the clock) which was great but the brakes were really only for a max of about 80. Sold this and got an Ariel Sq 4 which I kept for another 3yrs before joining the Airforce and being posted abroad so decided to sell. While abroad got a BMW R80s. Came back to the UK for a year the posted back out to Germany again got a BMW. On return to UK bought a Honda CX500 then went onto a Goldwing 1100 (plain jane) then 1500 then a 2001 1800, and now have a 2007 1800.
I still dream of having the Sq 4 though as it was fun to start as you had to know the technique of how to kick it over. Loved people who 'knew how' and ended up going over the bars or with sore legs.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by vtxcandyred »

I've only been riding for about fifteen years or so, so my history is pretty straight forward. I started with three different Honda 550Fours and made one really good one. Took the best of all three. My next one was a blue 1981 Honda CB750 Custom. Then I had two 1980 CB900 Customs. Wish I still did. Then it was my first and last NEW bike. A 2002 Honda VTX 1800 Retro. I just gave that bike to my son in Iowa. Fifty thousand on the clock. He loves it so far. Then I got my first wing. A 1985 Aspy. Was a gem of a bike once I got it up to snuff. Now I have my 93SE. Loaded with all the bells and whistles and a ton of chrome. You might see a Honda pattern there. I'll never own a different brand.

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197? Yamaha 90 Enduro
1965 Honda S65 Sport
Minnie bike

Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by mbuesing »

bjatwood wrote:I was 9 in 1969 when the Honda Trail 70 came out. All the cool kids had them and I wanted to get rid of my lawn mower Briggs and Stratton mini bike for one of these mini motorcycles.
I started the same way. Some of my friends got the Trail 70 and where going faster. This did not make me happy and I could not afford one. Thanks to help from my grandfather, who was a jack of all trades. We modified the old mini bike and it kicked a$$. Had a older friend follow me in his car to see how fast it was. Have you ever gone 63 mph. on 8 in wheels and no shocks? It's a real rush at that age. :D

The rest of my history is listed under my avatar.
The GL1800 is a crotch rocket on Steroids.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by crock4 »

My first bike was a 125 Bultaco. I was about 20 then and in to dirt. They had what was then the alligator enduro here, and me and my best bud at the time used to ride the course all the time.

Next after wrecking my vw bug, and unable to buy insurance any more that I could afford I bought a Suzuki Titan 500 2 stroke with oil injection. Pretty tame power wise, but very dependable. I rode this bike for about 3 years. It was the bike I met, dated, and married my wife on so it holds a special place in my life.

When the kids started coming along I had rebuilt the Titan twice, and wanted a new toy so bought a Kawasaki KZ 750 twin. This was another very enjoyable bike for me because it became the bike that all of us enjoyed riding. My wife, daughter, and son.

I quit riding for a few years after I sold this bike, but when the kids grew up and left I got the itch again. I found a really nice Shadow VT 1100 in Orlando owned by an elderly gentleman. I thoroughly enjoyed this bike. My wife, and I went on some really awsome rides in the mountains on this one.

As much as we enjoyed the Shadow it required but breaks every 50 to 75 miles, and after riding all day you knew it. So we started looking for a more comfortable ride. At that time my son was going to the motorcycle mechanics school at Destination Daytona, and one of his instuctors knew a guy in the local Goldwing club that was selling his bike for health reasons. The price was right, and the ride was also. That is how I got the 2001 blue Goldwing that we now ride. I suspect this one will see me to the end of my riding days.

Passion keeps your blood flowing and your heart beating. Motorcycles are my passion !

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by maestro319 »

NONE!!! Nada, zip. Got my Medicare card in March 3 years ago and bought my trike that April. I did do a little riding of my friend's Harley back in the early 60's but that is it.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by rooferx »

In 83 bought an 83 500 shadow,,got in trouble lost license,,,and bike,,Got myself cleaned up(26 years now)..2005 got 1100 shadow spirit,had bout a year traded up to vtx 1800.had it about 6 years,then traded up to that lil gem to the right..

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Sidcar »

Here goes,
I had my first bike when I was sixteen, a 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub. I blew the engine and fitted one of out of a Sports Cub. That made way for a 250cc Norton Jubilee, a bloody awful bike. That was followed by a 1960 500cc Tiger 100A which made way for a 1963 T120 Bonneville which I bought just after my seventeenth birthday. I took the engine out of the Bonneville and put it in an A10 frame to make a Tribsa. I then took the engine out of the Tribsa and put it in a Rickman Metisse frame kit with a race fairing, British Racing Green and cream, it looked marvelous. During this time I also had a 1954 Golden Flash outfit, a Norton ES2, and Ariel VB (500cc sidevalve), BSA DBD34 Gold Star (still have it) and I bought back the T100A I'd sold but didn't do anything with it and sold it again. I then sold the bikes 'cept the Goldie, bought a road racing sidecar outfit and a van and went racing for a couple of years until I got fed up with being skint. In 1975 a company car came along so I went out and bought a Triumph T160 Trident (which I still have though it spent ten years sealed in a large plastic bag while the children grew up). That was followed by a 1929 sidevalve 500cc BSA Sloper to which I added a sidecar, a 1926 Royal Enfield 350cc ohv flat tanker, which went like a rat up a drain pipe but had minimal brakes. I sold it to start my own business. The sidevalve sloper was sold to buy an ohv Sloper and the sidecar transferred to that to become the outfit I ride today. I bought an A10 oufit a couple of years ago and that was sold to buy my Gold Wing. I've feeling there was a 350 Ariel and a Model 18 Norton along the way somewhere as well.
In short I haven't been without at least one bike since I was sixteen and I intend to keep it that way.


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Chuckgnh »

Okay....so I finally got my "new" bike photo up on the site, so can talk about how much I love it! But for starters, while I was a photographer in the Navy '74-78 I picked up a '72 CJ360.....loved it! Great bike - very reliable and stable. Rode it home to Chelsea, MA before being discharged 1/9/78. But before that had a Winebago turn in front of me on Va. Beach Boulevard...doing about 50 mph. Wear your helmets, bros! Broken shoulder, cheekbone, wrist, hand, bruised kidney (only have one), tooth, double vision, and stuck in Portsmouth Naval Hospital!!! That was the worst part! So.......

took a few/33 years off from riding, and then.......a K100. 1987 to be exact. That was after being given a 1973 CB750. No photo of that - it's awaiting rehab. So flash forward to last summer.....loving the Beemer......but my best friend/wife not comfortable......and after obtaining a 1983 Aspencade with 40K on it.....now I know why!!!! What a BIKE!!! Love it......and after we went out together on it two weekends ago, we're both sold. The Beemer's definitely on the way out! Fun....but all about masochism!

Sorry about awkward posting....I'll learn the ropes. There's the story in a nutshell.


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Viking »

When I was 14, I started building my first bike, a 1957 Panhead, got er done by the time I was old enough to get a bike license in Alberta - 15.

Then I got hit by a car, and it totalled the bike - and almost totalled me. I got lots of insurance money. By that time I was in the army, so I bought a 1966 Triumph Bonneville.

The Bonneville had Lucas electics and the lights would go out at the darndest times, so I wrecked it within about six months of having it, on a twisty road, in the dark. Insurance paid again, :lol: Soooo, I bought a 1967 BSA Lightning.

Also Lucas electrics, same thing happened, same road. Had to really fight the insurance company on this one, but they covered it. While I had these two bikes, I was putting my new Harley together, a 1965 Electric start Panhead.

I rode this one till 1976, when I got a chance at this 1974 74 Cu Inch Classic, which I totally tore down and threw away all the garbage, keeping just the bike, for touring. Having two bikes is much better than having one, doncha think?

In 1987, I had the money and the opportunity to buy this little beauty, brand new, still in a crate, from Barnett's Harley Davidson in El Paso, Texas. I could not resist. And so I became the proud owner of three Harley Davidsons, including this 1987 Softail Custom.

I rode that sucker, and the other two till my tendonitis stopped me from riding these vibrating B*&^*#ds more than about a thousand miles a year, and then I broke down and got my Goldwing. My second brand new, still in the crate bike. I think it will be my last motorcycle purchase if what I see is any indication, cause they do not seem to wear out.

That's my story and I am sticking with it.
It ain't about the destination - it's all about the journey


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by m2102 »

sorry no pictures but when i was 14, my grandma bought me a 100 yamaha. when we picked it up we brought home in the trunck of dads car.
second year i had it i was going to a friends in the country and took long way around.long story short,i hit a dog and flew about 75 feet.landed on my head,rolled across my shoulds pushed myself up with my right hand. on the rare occaision, i wore my helmet.slid on my head when i landed.when i pushed up broke both bones in right wrist and pushed up into my arm 2'". hole in my elbow and right knee you could put two stacked 50 cent pieces in.spent 4 days in the hospital.i was 15 when this happened and grandma bought insurance for me and it paid every dime of hospital and fix bike. with a cast on my wrist a cousin taped a drawer pull on the throttle so i could ride it til got fixed. forks where pushed up to the engine but drivable. didn't make mom very happy when i rode it like that. second bike was a 72 triumph 650.ports were tweeked a bit and it would fly. got it from an old shed and when i took the points cover of it was full of water. brings me to present.my 2000 gl 1500se. it was a long time coming but worth the wait.the first two were to get the bad habits out of the way. one last thing. not to get away from the subject that started all responces, but i have learned that safety is first,i wear a helmet every time i get on the bike not because some polition says i have to but because i choose to.that is how i feel helmet s should be. a choice not forced. i think i have gone on long enough.ride safe,ride long,have fun.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Blackngold »

What a great bunch of classic bikes!! Bet you all wish you still had them! I wish I sill had every one I ever owened. My first experience was at 12 yrs old, best friend had a Honda TRAIL 90, looked like a girls bike. Got licence at 14 in AL. and first bike was 100 KAW enduro. It had 5 street gears and 5 trail gears that you switched between w/a lever by throttle. It would climb a wall in trail setting w/a top speed of 25mph in 5th! I learned every logging road and dirt pit in a 30mile radius. At 16 became more interested in girls than mud holes so I graduated up to the street. Had to have something to impress the ladies, so while everyone around mehad Honda's or Yamahas, I went Widow Maker KAW 500,three 2cycle cylinders of giddy -up go! I learned quickly to sit on the tank to keep from ending on my arse, what a screamer! I smoked every bike in town and have the scars to prove it. Left knee cap--23 stitches-- too fast for that wet curve,thank god I had on a helmet. Moved on to 4 wheel cages soon after,1st was a 67 SS 396 painted with rattle can rust primer red. Yes it would do the 120mph it said on the dash. Somehow survived my youth,got married, had kids,drove crappy auto's, then got the bug again in '94. Bought an '85 Interstate 1200,drove it a couple yrs, Then got bit by the rare 1983 Honda 1000 Custom. Still havent figured out what Honda was thinking when they built this one. It was shaft drive,4 in line cyl.,10 speed Hi-Lo range transmission,air shocks, and rode as good as my '85 wing. Got my latest '98 wing back in May and she's sweat but I still dream of haveing my friends help me pull my 100 KAW out of mud bogs, or smokeing those 750 Honda's in the qtr. mile w/my 500 KAW. Found pics on net of these bikes. Wish I still had every one!

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by lovemyzx9r »

my first experience on two wheels was in 1988 i was 5 then, as i am a young pup. came downstairs on christmas morning and awaiting me was a 1984 suzuki jr50. i hopped on and pretended i was riding. hit my first imaginary jump and it rolled forward off the center stand i flipped off backwards and it my chin on the spiral staircase split it open and chipped the bone. i bled everywhere. it didn't scare me at all. rode that bike for years until i moved up to a kawi kx80. times got tough and i was relegated to a rupp mini bike for a few years. the first street bike i rode was a 2000 250 rebel in 2002. proverbial monkey and football. i fell back in love with riding and got an 84 700 magna put a custom paint job on it. and now my second street bike is a 2000 zx9r. world of difference 16 years made in the motorcycle technology dept. my next bike will probably be a ducati 997, benelli 750 ksi, or bmw k1200rs. or one of these 500 kawi widow makers if i sell a kidney wow that is an amazing looking bike. i'm in love. race u for titles ;) mr. blackngold

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Blackngold »

Sure we can race for titles--- in 1973 :D Understand the 750's were the biggest thing on the road-no 1000s,1500s ect. Harleys had big motors but were no threat. There are still a few of those old KAW's around but your going to need more than a kidney for one in top shape! Because they were only good for 1/4 mile drag race their engines didnt hold up. They rode like crap, got piss poor fuel mileage(the only fuel that didnt fowl the plugs was American brand premium white gas), and none of that mattered to me at 16yrs old 8-) Fast forward nearly 40 yrs yes drag bikes are much better but my old bones prefer the comfort of my wing and it has enough cool factor for us geezers 8-)

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by keithturner60 »

Started with Honda monkey early 70's
Honda CT110
Honda CB350 twin
Honda CB350/4
Honda CB500/4
Honda CB750/4 (3 of)
Honda VTX1300
Honda GL1800C 2012 Blue
As you can see bit of a Honda nut loved all of them, but will never change from a WING now I live in Darwin, Australia and ride every chance i get 47 years in the saddle now, love Golgwingdocs keep up the excelent work.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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Started with a NEW 1978 Suzuki GS550. I was 21. Bought it while I was in Air Force. I did deck it out a bit with Vetter fairing, hard saddle bags and even put a radio tape player stashed in saddle bags with speakers mounted in the fairing. THe bike was not the fastest but one night I left Bakersfield CA at midnight and arrived in Phoenix AZ at 3:45 AM 300 miles in 3 hrs 45 min. Stopped three times for gas & smoke. Not fastest but cooked a KZ 900 on the twistizes.Had that bike for three years & put 37000 miles on it.

Bare bones 550   Mine had Vetter Fairing, Shoei bags, Customs seat
Bare bones 550 Mine had Vetter Fairing, Shoei bags, Customs seat

Many Many years later I was thinking about buying a boat. But my brother said " YOU WILL USE A BOAT TWICE OR 3 TIMES A YEAR BUY A BIKE"

what A GOOD IDEA. It is Feb 2008 and I found this little beauty. Kawaski Vulcan 800. It had 7700 miles on it and only $3500. Buying a bike in the winter is the ONLY way to go. It had some nice engine extras. Factory HP 46, this little beauty had 55. I pulled a 12.5 quarter mile & I suck.

My second bike.  Nice mid sized cruiser
My second bike. Nice mid sized cruiser

But this is not the bike for a girlfriend. Or for riding more than an hour or two. And i remembered I LIKE riding. Well, not having a ton of spare cash or wanting another monthly payment, I searched the internet and found this 1985 1200 Aspencade about 6 weeks ago traded the Kawi & couple hundred dollars & the GW is mine.

I am soo happy with this big boy of mine
I am soo happy with this big boy of mine

Two weeks ago went on a ride of 160 miles with friends ( just for **** & grins ) with Cindy on the back & she LOVED it. Singing (badly) with the tunes and making firends jealous because she is a babe.

Keeping this till it dies and honorable death


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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Never rode a motorcycle of any kind until age 30. Bought a 1994 Kawasaki KLR 650 for my first bike (I live 5 miles from the nearest pavement so only a dual sport would do.) Then I bought a Honda Silverwing 500- rode it 20,000 miles or so over the next 5 years mostly on dirt roads. Didn't do the paint on the undercarriage any favors. Next bike a new 2008 Yamaha XT250 dual sport. Nice little bike that got 70+ mpg and would go anywhere- except the freeway- that was scary. Then in 2013 I found a 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 on Craigslist that only had 34 miles on it. It was 6 years old and brand new. I loved that bike but only rode it about 3000 miles before my wife decided that she liked to ride also but not on the back of that bike. So I sold it to my cousin in still brand new condition and he is enjoying it. Which leads me to my one and only GoldWing. It is a 1996 GL1500 SE in Pearl Magenta (purple) color. 68,000 miles and looks/ rides like brand new. The wife and I are both really enjoying this bike, and I can't see me ever owning any other kind of motorcycle. By the way- I am storing it where I work on a paved road- not riding it down gravel roads. It actually has never been to my house! So now it is winter in Michigan and I won't be able to ride it again for maybe 6 months! Pure torture...

My Goldwing is not Purple- it's Royal Pearl Magenta! ;)

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