Honda CD250U

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Honda CD250U

Post by redial » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:13 pm

This is the mc that I use to do the local shopping on. It is not a flash bike, and was originally purchased for my wife to learn on. I had purchased for her a Kawasaki 550 as a learner, but she could not handle it. It was too top heavy, and kept wanting to rest :o . I came off it while stopped, and the rear turn indicator broke a bone in my leg. Much to the doctor's amazement, it was the first time anyone with a broken leg had walked (hobbled really), into his surgery. Because of age, it took longer to heal than a 20yo would heal.

I tried her on the CD250, and she couldnt handle that either, so after going to initial rider training, she said that riding was not to be in her skills set. As she was in her mid 60s, I did not push the point. I use it for a shopping bike, as we live about 1.5Km (about 1 mile) from the nearest shops, and it is handy to go to the bigger shopping areas which are about 20Km (about 12 miles) each way. This is country road riding, so little traffic, and although it is capable of the speed limit, I usually ride at my comfort speed, whatever that is for the day. I dont dawdle, but sometimes I just like to enjoy the smells, the fresh air, and the scenery.

It is an honest bike, has a range of about 200Km (about 120 miles) for the 10 litres (a bit over 2.5US gals, or 2 Imp gals), and is an easy to ride and maintain. There has been some issues with electrics, that through the knowledge of this site, I have managed to fix. I still use my protective gear, even though it is only a short ride to the shops.

It is a quiet bike, and passersby have commented that all mc should be that quiet. It is not flash, no windscreen, disc brake on the front, skinny tyres (same as the Honda 90 'postie bikes'), and placid acceleration.

I will post a photo soon.


Honda CD250U, 1990 model

Very similar to the Honda Benly range of cycles, except the Benly models had a 360-degree crankshaft, which meant they could use a single coil and a single carburetor. The CDU has twin CV carbs. No tachometer in the instrumentation, only a speedometer and supplementary lighting for Neutral, Indicators and High Beam. Gear change ratios are placed around the speedometer to indicate gear change speed ranges. A dualseat provides good passenger compatibility and comfort.

The CD250U has a top speed between 70 and 80 mph, depending on wind conditions and gradient, and passenger / luggage.

Very economical, 80 mpg; though some claim they are able to get up to 90 mpg (imp).

Rickman made a full fairing option, and the model was used by police units in the early 1990s.

The engine was also used in the later CM250 Rebel and CB "Two Fifty" models (also known and marketed as the "Night Hawk" in the U.S.)

Len in Kapunda

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