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Brothers and Sisters to our Goldwings - Other Bikes we Own
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sir gerald
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Other Bikes

Post by sir gerald » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:13 am

Thanx for a nice forum. I live in South Africa so I feel really sorry to hear about your weather. I cannot even think of not being able to ride my bikes.
This summer started with a lot of rain so the lakes and reservoirs are all full. My home is on a lake so there is a lot of marine activity going on.
Prior to 1983 I had to trade my old bike when I was upgrading because of a lack of finance. In 1983 I bought a brand new Kawasaki Z1300 six cylinder. It was the last naked bike as the other model was the Voyager. The Voyager then became a four pot machine, which was never imported to South Africa. I still have this bike and ride it regularly. In 2004 I bought myself a Suzuki B-King. They were not popular like its stablemate, the Mighty Hyabusa, but shares the same 1350cc mill somewhat different gearing. Not being a Harley fan, I also bought a Suzuki Boulevard M109. I think you call it an Intruder but it is only in the badge. Always being a step thru fan I also acquired a few of those sinc 2000. I have a SYM 50cc, 125cc and 300cc. Also a BMW C1 which has a roof and safety belts. Furthermore I own a Yamaha BWS (Big Wheel Scooter) which is a nippy 100cc two stroke and a lot of fun. To complete the step thru collection is a Suzuki Burgman, 650cc of pure fun.
In 2008 I bought my first Wing. Change of life!!! This bike now has 50000 miles and is still running the original spark plugs. What a bike. In 2012 I went to the States and bought a brand new 2nd gen Goldwing and did Route66 as a bucketlist item. After the Route I did the West coast from San Diego to Oregon. What a blast. This bike now has !0000 miles and sleeps in my lounge.
A year ago I took up adventure biking and bought a slightly used Yam Super Tenere as I was not sure if I would like it. I DO!!!! I am still getting into it as I am a Sissy for falling.
This may look like bragging but I always ask my friens what is wrong with owning fifteen bikes? The answer is: "I don't own sixteen yet"
Keep the spirit and the wheels turning. Sorry gotta go. It is 30 Celsius outside and the sun is shining!!!
Sir Gerald

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And 17 other bikes, 5 more Goldwings, 3 Ventures, 2 Vmax

Re: Other Bikes

Post by silverado6x6 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:09 am

I own 18, last count I have 9 I can start and ride, most of the rest need some work or are at worst becoming donor bikes.
My favorite was the 89 Yamaha Venture Royale until I bought an 85 Yamaha Vmax late in the season, I could only ride it 15 miles cause of weather conditions here in Alaska and it's sitting behind my recliner right this moment, I plan on super detailing it for the spring Custom Bike Show early next year if I am still in Alaska but some recent events may be allowing me to take a much sought after trip to Australia. I love my Goldwings but sometimes a lighter bike is more fun, that Vmax gives me leg cramps but man is it fun!
Founder of Steel Horse Restorations

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Re: Other Bikes

Post by davefx » Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:03 pm

What other bikes have I owned. Well lets see, My first bike was a 400 Honda, 4 cylinder with 6 gears. I'd go through 3 of them just to get through the intersection. Next was a Honda 450 CL. I polished the alum. until it shined like chrome. This led to my first Harley. A 1966 top on a 1952 bottom on a 1958 frame. The front end was chopped and had murals on the tank and rear fender. With no front fender, riding in the rain or going through puddles would throw water straight up the middle of the slot in the triple trees right into my face. Next bike was a 1974 FX. I loved this bike. This bike got me my nickname davefx. Kick only and all stock. I rode this bike for 15 years. While still having the 74 FX I aqquired a 1973 FLH. Only had that for a short time, (less then a year). My next bike was a 1994 FLSTN, Again I had two Harley Davidson's. After riding the 74 for so long, someone walked into my garage and laid down $7000 so I parted with my favorite ride. Awhile later I rode a 1984 Yamaha 1100. A hundred miles per hour was just the twist of the grip. (I was run over on this bike, one block away from my house. That changed my life forever due to brain injuries resulting from the wreck). After that I rode a 1984 FXR. Life happens and was without a bike for some time. Until I found my current bike. A 1980 GL 1100 Interstate. Its been pretty good to me. I think I've gotten my $500 investment out of it and then some. Its still going strong and is ridden daily. So thats where I stand now.
Whats that, a total of nine bikes with five H-D's Three Honda's and a yamaha. It seems I'm missing something. I'll remember it sooner or later. But thats it for now. Happy Riding 8-)

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1984 GL1200

Re: Other Bikes

Post by ScooterZ » Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:06 pm

In order of acquisition:
Honda 65- First bike. I was in 7th grade.
Suzuki TC90- A 2 stroke enduro with hi/low transmission. Had a blast riding this bike as a kid.
73 Kawasaki 750H2- My first steet bike. 3 cyl 2 stroke. Way too much engine for the chassis. Acceleration bliss.
77 Harley Davidson Sportster XLCH- A great bike! AMF saved Harley Davidson. Kick start only on this one. This bike never let me down!
2001 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic- Bought brand new. Reliable and unimpressive. Had recurring fork leak problem.
74 Yamaha DT400- A friend gave me this. I rebuilt it and enjoyed it.
71 Honda SL350- Rebuilt this one too. Nice example of an SL350.
69 Honda CL350- What a sucker I was on this one.
74 Honda CL360- Same deal. What a sucker I was but I completely refurbished it and it turned into a fine example of a CL360.
76 Honda GL1000- Love it and still ride it regularly.
84 Honda GL1200- Love it and still ride it regularly. More refined than the 76. Runs smooth and purrs like a kitten.
2003 Yamaha V-Max- A factory drag bike! What a blast when V-boost kicks in!
2007 Yamaha FJR1300- My present daily rider. Nothing but good things to say about it.
May the list go on...

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