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Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:13 pm
by eklimek

I guess I am fond of tinkering. It began as curiosity with the model T's and now anything 30 years old is about broken in. I have a special fondness for the little multicylinder Honda. They not only make nice decorations.

With a CB350f if you have not changed the sprockets, 1,000 rpm equals 10 mph in top gear. Useless at 25 mph but gets to be more fun at 6,000 rpm. Red line is 10,000.

My winter bike is the cl350. If it slides out, its easier to dismount.

The track bike is an occasional loaner. Its better to scratch that itch off road.

Re: Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:25 pm
by seelyark1
When I bought my 550-4, my daughter thought it was a beautiful bike. Until I put an antique tag on it. :oops: It was made the same year as she was born. :shock: I just may give that bike to her for her birthday. :D Can't win them all. :D

Re: Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:13 pm
by littlebeaver
I had the chance to work on this one (650) Carbs were a total mess, it sat for many years..Only had 800 miles on it... I wanted to buy it but they wouldn't sell... I got it purring.. I had to pull the idle jets on that..OMG 1980 model


Re: Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:42 am
by Steve F
littlebeaver wrote:I had the chance to work on this one (650) Carbs were a total mess, it sat for many years..Only had 800 miles on it... I wanted to buy it but they wouldn't sell... I got it purring.. I had to pull the idle jets on that..OMG 1980 model

That bike was my first new bike I bought. All others have been used. That bike was nice, but like you said a pain in the butt to work on the carbs. Mine was the burgundy and brown CB650C

Re: Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:16 am
by eklimek
As of the labour day weekend I have the P/PC-350/4 Loring landspeed record with this little fellow.

The most well known land speed trials is probably the Bonneville salt flats. Lesser known is the site in Maine at Loring airforce base. Largely abandoned since 1991, but not demolished, Loring AFB is the site of the Loring Timing Association speed trials.

Loring AFB is a mothballed cold war era B52 Stategic Air Command base on the northeast corner of continental USA. The site was chosen for proximity to Europe. The runway is 2 5/8 miles long and 300 feet wide with a surrounding runoff grassy field.

Technical inspection is rigorous for both driver and motorcycle. The requirements of safety wiring and preparing the motorocycle are numerous. Similarly the rules for the pit area are strict.

The Rookie meeting and subsequent drivers meeting on the tarmac lends perspective to the immense runway. Way down the track are the one mile flags marking the first set of timing lights calculating speed to one one-thousands of a mile per hour. The 1.5 mile markers lie beyond, not obvious. Beyond that is a one mile shut down. Beyond that is the 1,000 foot abrasive tarmac for emergency use. Beyond that is grass. You don't need brakes here.

Instructions are actually simple.

Stay in the centre and run to the end. Runway lights are on either side. Try to avoid hitting them if you go off track motocross.

If you want to prematurely exit the track at the 3/4 mark for minor adjustments, turn left and wave "OK" to the ambulance crew. If you are on fire, your bike is on fire or it's major, turn right. Ambulance, EMS, fire and track support roll if you turn right.

At the end of your run, give the marshall a thumbs up if everything is OK. If you see a hazard on the run, stop and tell the marshall. If you think something dropped or fell off, tell the marshall. Nobody follows until the track is "all clear".

Wait for your chase vehicle or drive back on the Taxiway to the pit, speed limit is 35 mph. Pick up your time slip. Check for problems and repeat until something breaks.


Re: Honda small fours CB350f

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:35 am
by eklimek
Returned two days ago from Georgia and came back yesterday from my Family Doctor with a tetanus shot. She says I have a sprained ankle, bruised ribs, skinned my left shin and right hand. Beautiful green bruise on my left shoulder just coming up today from a misadventure down in Georgia. (See "Lewyism" about fun and games below)

Where to begin? ( Lewis Caroll said at the beginning, so, ...)

I wanted to accompany a fellow to Georgia to visit his mother an hour north of Atlanta. My wife said, "not on that old bike. I can't make you quit riding, but not on that." So I bought a 2017 Honda cb500x with ABS and traded in one of my others.

So I left Wednesday with Steve, a day before Todd and Larry, and we made it to Columbus Ohio with no obstacles or concerns. Second day posed problematic weather. First storm was brief and a taste of what's in store. Second storm I miscalculated and we were drenched. Short break and a change of clothes and clear skies returned. We went on and Steve miscalculated and then we were into torrential cold rain. Again, because of the thunder storm cells, we had been in blue sky preceding and did not wear rain gear.

We pushed on to Chattanooga Tennessee because of a break in the clouds knowing it was going be an all night rain. We stayed at a beautiful resort near down town expecting a late check out and time on our hands in Chattanooga. Running track on the scenic riverside gave us a view of American beauty on parade.

By 1 Friday Steve and Larry, wet as rats, caught up and met us. We hung out until near 2 as I had calculated the storm had moved ahead of us on the route south.

The whole weekend in Woodstock Georgia was warm, sunny and family BBQ with Larry's sister, mother and brothers. I attended Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock. It was a 5,000 seat indoor arena of Disney magnitude with giant TV screens and video crew for all the proceeding. I think it is live cast.

While in Woodstock Todd and Larry's brother in law talked guns. I tried to befriend the dog. Steve lounged at the salt water pool. During the stay we went twice to LA fitness. More American beauties. I wanted to go to a Georgia gun show but it never happened.

Monday, instead of returning, there was another trip to the Georgia mountains. That is when I went into the Georgia dirt. I got close and personal with the ditch. Todd pulled me out and we patched up the scrapes and went on. Unfortunately lacking the specific tools we could not properly fit the rad cap. A hose was cut and shortened and we lost coolant.

Next Morning I went to Canton Georgia Power Sports Honda at 9 am with Larry. By noon the bike was ready to go. In exploring my options, before I knew the cause of coolant leak, I discovered there were no similar 2017 cb500x with ABS in Georgia. (I also wondered how it could be stolen while held at the lube shop across the street - file the report - head back)

That day we made it to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge tennessee.

I really did not enjoy the next day. The mountains in West Virginia are probably very scenic if you are a passenger in a greyhound bus. But transport trucks were passing me when I am doing 130 km. It would have better to be on a 900 lb Goldwing rather than a 430 lb cb500x at that point.

Then there were deer emerging to graze along the highway at dusk. It makes for an unpleasant vigilant ride.

We stayed that night at Morgantown WV and set off home. The last day was just OK. No weather or travel issues. Just droning on home in the heat.

3866 km.

Below you will find some "Lewyisms" named after a detective nicknamed Lewy.

All good. It's not a holiday until you get a tetanus shot.


Rookie complains, " Sarge, do I have to tolerate this from him?" (Refers to another senior officer's abuse)
Lewy - "You don't have to stand for that. You could sit."

" no matter where you go, there you are"

Corpse found in lake weighed down by chains.
Lewy - "Looks like he took more than he could swim with"

"I been many places, this is one of them"

Body with rigor mortis pulled out of Martindale pod.
Lewy - " Looks like he fell in riding a bicycle."

"All fun and games boys until someone loses and eye. Then, lads, it's a sport."