My first bike

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Re: My first bike

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:23 pm

RCAFRotorhead wrote:I have to chuckle a bit on this thread. My dad's first bike was a 1983 GL1100 Interstate. Yup, he started with the big old girl that still goes strong and he has never sold it. I had many rides on the back of it before I was old enough to get my own. Owing to the fact that as a 16 year old kid and not having the money, my first bike was a Yamaha 400 Heritage Special. When I joint the military a few years later, I sold it and later bought my brothers 650 which I ran for a few years before selling it prior to my next move. Now in Ontario (aka longer riding season than northern Alberta), I went to buy a new bike. History always repeats itself and this time for the better. I purchased a trusted friend: 1983 GL1100 Interstate and am absolutely loving it rain or shine :).
RCAF does that mean Kiowas?? Griffon? Chinook? or (gasp) Sea Kings? :)

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Re: My first bike

Post by barnaclebill » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:20 am

I bought my first bike in 1959, a Lambretta 150cc! I remained with Lambrettas until well into the eighties, when a works colleague convinced me that I should buy his Honda CB500, with 'dropped' bars! My son accompanied me to view the bike - he riding a Honda Superdream. He rode the CB500 home, I followed on the Superdream, and that's the way it stayed! In 1986 my wife convinced me that I was "too old" to continue riding bikes - I was well into my fifties by then, and anyway, my free time was very limited, and I sold the bike to a Bike courier. In the early 2000's I came to live permanently in Thailand and dreamt of getting back on bikes again, but my legs were too weak to hold up the big bike I craved for! Then I found a Goldwing Trike (1989) for sale and my dreams came true! Now into my eighties, I am still riding the Trike daily, not so far afield now, but have ridden all over Thailand, courtesy of the Trike!

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Re: My first bike

Post by Viking » Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:00 am

I built my first bike from begged, borrowed and borrowed without permission parts. I was 15 and it was 1963. I ended up with a 1957 Panhead chopper with a wishbone frame. I had to edit this last sentence as my memory was faulty. I had written, that the front end was the last part I had gotten my hands on, which is true. I had also written that that was why it was not painted. My memory was faulty. It was the second front end, as the previous one had been bent up pretty badly in the early 70s and I had just found one to put back on. That picture was snapped in the spring of, I think, 1979 when I returned to Canada from some ungodly place. I had not stopped riding, and also had a 1965 electric panhead and in 1974 I bought a Shovelhead FLH. I just took time to fix the chopper, as it had already done my back in from kicking the bugger. I sold this bike, by the way, six years ago, after I bought my GL1800 Goldwing. I guess it is time I removed the picture from my Gallery, but first I will let you see it.

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Re: My first bike

Post by rachester67 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:37 am

My first was a mini bike like the one pictured here in 1976? This made me hate Honda. It was great when it ran but it seemed to do very little of that best I remember. I was 7, I believe at the time. My brother had purchased it for me saw my frustration and replaced it with a Yamaha 60 about six months later. Didn't ride another Honda until I got on the Wing.

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First new motorcycle...>

Post by 76AuWing » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:59 am

Saw this topic in the monthly e-newsletter and realized I had a picture of my first new motorcycle. Not my first bike, that was a used 1970 350 Yamaha I bought from my girlfriend's brother. Great bike to learn on. But it struggled 2-up and when 1972 rolled around I and a number of friends descended on the local Suzuki shop. One friend bought a 750 water buffalo, another an older 500 twin and a third guy bought a 380 triple. I bought the GT-550 with my mother very reluctantly co-signing on the financing loan. By the time 1982 rolled around I was living in NYC and in 1984 got married and the motorcycle was sold off at that point. Thirty years later I'm back riding again with a 1969 Triumph Bonneville and the early 1976 Goldwing. Here's a shot of the Suzuki with the girlfriend astride:

1972 Suzuki GT-550
1972 Suzuki GT-550

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Re: My first bike

Post by rachester67 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:36 pm

This thread inspired me so have sat down and found pictures at least close to what I have had over the years.

next one replaced the unreliable Honda

yamaha 60
a few yards mowed and a couple years later

suzuki 90
graduation from high school

the maxium
first duty station in San Francisco

1990-2004 I didn't have anything :(
2004 returned from Iraq wife had a boyfriend so I got a girl friend. Oh and wife became ex-wife.

got talked into a Harley by my work buddies

worn that one out got another

Wife needed back surgery so got the Wing
See my gallery

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Re: My first bike

Post by Sharon2665 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:19 pm

Got my first bike when I was in the army in 1979. It was a Yamaha 400. Loved that little thing but it was pretty small. Drove it all the way from Seneca Army Depot in Romulus N.Y. To Sandusky Ohio for a vacation. Long, long trip. I also didn't realize at the time I bought it that it was made for street racing. That sucker would go from 0 to 100 in no time. Made it real hard when it came time to sell it. Lots of guys wanted to buy it for their kids because it was small until they took it for a test run and found out how fast it was! Of course I never drove it that fast!

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Re: My first bike

Post by Mean Wing » Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:01 pm

I know, one pic only, but I couldn't help myself . . . :lol:

It all started at age 14 (in 1975) when I bought my first motorcycle to get to and from high school and work (KFC) . . . A used, street legal, blue 1974 Honda Trail 70. The next year I saved up a $1,000 to buy a brand new 1976 Honda CB360T. And, as you can see, the "upgrade" program was well on its way. After a 23 year hiatus, I landed my first, used, 2002 Honda GL1800 Goldwing (Mean Wing), and then came full circle to my most recent acquisition, a 1978 Honda GL1000, complete with Vetter fairing and only 15,000 miles on it. :D

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Re: My first bike

Post by filupsd » Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:27 pm

1970 or 71 Honda CB 100 that I bought from my neighbor in 1974. We rode it all over our farm for a couple of years and then sold it to my uncle who used it a commuter bike for several years. My Uncle recently passed away and my aunt sold the house. The motorcycle was still in the corner of the garage and so my cousin and I loaded it up and put it in my shop. I just gave it to a nephew to see if he can get it running. I will have to find a photo.

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Re: My first bike

Post by DocDan » Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:55 am

In the summer of 1989, my brother brought home is 1969 Honda CB160 (the attached picture is representative, not mine). He and his friends had ran aviation fuel through it the night before. For $1 he gave it to me. Only one cylinder fired and both mufflers were burned out. I drove it around town on that one cylinder, never getting over 30mph, that summer. I rebuilt the motor and carbs over the winter and found what I thought was the last set of OEM mufflers in a warehouse 3 states away. I drove that bike everywhere until spring of '91. It just failed to start one day. The coil had gone out and my local parts store couldn't find a replacement. Since we didn't have internet back then, I thought I'd just hang on to it until I could find one. In 1997, I was married with 2 kids by then, my wife and I bought a station wagon that needed a rear hatch. We were dirt broke living on my pay as an Army E-4 and couldn't purchase the replacement from a local junk yard. I ended up trading that bike for the hatch. I still miss the fun I had with that bike. Now years, and 7 more children later, I've found an '82 Goldwing that I'm restoring thanks to all the great resources on the Internet. Wish me luck, going to tackle rebuilding the motor and carbs this winter.

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Re: My first bike

Post by tumunga » Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:15 pm

1981 Suzuki Tempter

I hoped that pic posted.

I was stationed in Ogden Utah. I wanted a bike to ride, but never rode one before (this was 1984). I bought the bike, made the dealer throw in a helmet for free. I got the bike on the rode, and asked the dealer, "How the hell does one shift this thing?"

He told me, and I've been riding ever since. I LOVE THAT BIKE!!
1989 GL1500 Goldwing with all the optional goodies (I think)

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Re: My first bike

Post by redeyerebel » Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:43 am


AGE7 1975 sus tm75 My grand dad got it junked and we fixed it together was my first time wrenching and riding and without a doubt the most important life skills for me thanks grand dad forever missed and loved.

1977 cb450 AGE12 This was my first bike i bought myself rummaged every swap meet yard sale nook and cranny till i got it done. it ended up being my enduro killer modded the crap out of it. rode it mostly in the dirt sure mom yeah in the dirt :lol: made many a kid and man on his dirtbike, streetbike cry and somewhere's in there my balls dropped and redeyerebel was born baptized in gasoline and blood and mud Amen.

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Re: My first bike

Post by RCAFRotorhead » Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:58 pm

WingAdmin wrote: RCAF does that mean Kiowas?? Griffon? Chinook? or (gasp) Sea Kings? :)
Griffons in SAR. 5.5 years in 417 Sqn, Cold Lake and 3 years in 424 Sqn, Trenton including a short 2 month stint in Haiti in 2010. In my second ground job now, still in SAR.

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Re: My first bike

Post by minimac » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:50 am

Wow! What a walk through the past! I got my first bike just before I turned 16 in May of 1966. It was a 1965 Yamaha 80 I bought from a friend for $200. In five weeks, I put 5K miles on it-all on a learners permit and a Jr. license(sunup-sundown). I sold that when a guy offered me $300 for it. I was at the plaza shopping, he saw it, we talked, he handed me the money and put the bike in the back of his truck. I had to walk home. A week later I had a 1966 Honda Superhawk 305. I got it at a bank repossessed auction with 300 miles on it for $500.

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Re: My first bike

Post by Wolf Rider » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:49 am

My first bike was in 1978 Clappison's Corners Ontario.
It was a 1967 Yamaha R350.
It went like snot and handled like crap. :D
Indestructable. :twisted:
I can't remember what happened to it. :roll:

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Re: My first bike

Post by Rednaxs60 » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:41 am

My first and new bike was a 1972 250 Suzuki Hustler at age 17. Dad and I went to the dealership to purchase it, and while looking around he saw the 750 "water buffalo" and asked if it was the one I wanted. Foolish me said no, the 250 was good. Should have jumped on his suggestion (he was co-signing for the bike and would have signed for the 750 as well). A few months down the road when I was used to the 250 and it wasn't keeping up with the bigger bikes, I could have kicked myself for not listening.

I have talked to the son-in-law about this bike and he asked about the top end. It would do 110 mph with nothing left and lying on the tank. These were fast bikes in the day. Had a speed wobble once at speed, it was not pretty - bike and I survived but it sure gave a new meaning to pucker factor.

Here is a picture of the bike I got off the internet. Mine was red as well.

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Re: My first bike

Post by Wolf Rider » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:16 pm

I think ALL the old school bikes from the 1960's to early '70's from Japan came with a speed wobble.
It was part of the rite of passage. You had to learn to control it and deal with it or you weren't worthy of a bike liscence.
As I recall, top heavy too.

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Re: My first bike

Post by offcenter » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:55 pm

My first bike was a white Honda 90, model C200, EXACTLY like this one.
Now these bikes are rare as hens teeth. Should've kept it, but who
knew back then.
George in Jersey.
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Re: My first bike

Post by myorangestrat » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:09 am

there are some really great stories on this thread. thanks to everyone for sharing them. I am a County Boy, country born, country bred, and Irish to boot, so forgive me if I get a little long winded. I am a bit chatty. loquatious. I speak fluent blarney, and do tend to rattle on, but here goes....

that part of the country, that point in time, it was acceptable for young men to enter a right of passage. that was to work for the neighboring farmers and ranchers, generally for minimum wage, if memory serves, along about $2.75 an hour. we bailed hay and straw, cut corn out of beans, shoveled used grain from the stock pens, made steers, tended hogs, I even gathered about nine million eggs, from chickens and guineas. I painted, cut lumber, hauled shingles and sheets of steel up to barn roofs. assisted in machinery repair, hustled lunches from the main house, and milked a few cows. learned to back a steered trailer, drive a tractor, plow, plant, and harvest. learned how good a hard days work felt. basked in the glow of a satisfied employer. one of the many hundreds of gifts my father gave me was a work ethic. those wonderful men, the salt of the earth, appreciated every drop of sweat and blood the hands shed for them. One of those men was my best friends father. they lived three sections over, which was a touch over three miles. one a spring day, I pedaled over there, and my buddy and his brother were riding their super shiny easter presents. a pair of Hondas, a trail 70, and a slick looking 125 on/off (forgive me, I don't remember the model) I guess Ol' Bob could see me trying to hide my jealousy, and he drew me aside and offered me a deal for a bike he rode when he was a kid.

in exchange for keeping his horse stalls clean till school let out, keeping the horse weeds down all summer, cutting corn out of beans, and being on his bailing crew all summer, and riding to church and sunday school till fall, I got a genuine hard tail, girder front, Harley Davidson Knucklehead.....

before anyone gets cranked up, Harley made a shizz ton of knucks, never intended for bikes. they ran bailers, augers, elevators, pickers, even rototillers. that is what was the heart of my dragon. lots of torque, not many rpms. the frame was some sort of alien/farmer hybrid fusion of massive steel and far too much weld. the girder front end was clearly a barn fresh recreation of something that had been seen in a magazine. it had slick trailer tires, a steel tractor seat, drum brake, rear wheel only, that would sort of slow me down in an emergency. it was PERFECT!!!

I sanded, scraped, primed, and spray painted everything that didn't get hot. red white and blue, just like evel kienievel. the pipes were clearly fence posts at one time, but when I racked the throttle, it sounded just like a Harley. got me a white levi denim jacket at the second hand store, two or four sizes too big, and conned my mom into doin mom magic to put stars and stripes on it,(it was the seventies, don't judge me) i'd get up two or three hours early, do my chores, push it half a mile so I could start it up and not wake my folks, and ride my "chopper" to school. a seventh grader with a Harley was a class unto myself. got my first "date" because I promised to bring her to the harvest dance on it. oddly enough, it was also my first time getting threatened with being shot if I troubled some nice mans daughter again....

it all came to crashing halt in '77. I was showing out for some friends, there was a long hill, leading to a levee type deal upon which the railroad tracks rested. about a 150 foot drop into a very steep 12 foot "ramp". I hit it in fourth, chest stuck to the tank, feet almost straight back, I was superman, I was Hercules, I was evel, I was flying! oh. wait. whoops. why am I arse over teakettle, crap, the sky is in the wrong place, well, lookee there, all is back right, I might live through this.......... impact.

I contend I nailed the first motorcycle backflip. others disagree because I couldn't ride off after. opinions vary, but I stuck the landing. to be honest, the association betwixt my forks, frame, and rear triangle had apparently reached unsurmountable artistic differences. I was unconscious for a pretty scary (to my folks, anyway. seemed like a really restful nap to me) but I stand by the theory that I nailed it.

next bike was an allstate 2 stroke. steel stock instead of shocks. had a triumph 750 next. a cb350 with a home grown hard tail, the lil samurai. a cb750 raked out, decked hard tail jammer frame with a coffin tank, sportster chop while I was in the army. put a vmax drivetrain in a plunger frame with a frisco style sportster tank and a 6 ft springer. wasn't the best notion I ever had. buell motor in a rigid. had a pan head I really loved, and a Honda rebel was my last bike before this one. rebels catch a lotta flak, but if Blackwing don't start actin like a lady, I am gonna trade her off for another rebel. I also had a Norton, till the boys were born, and that beauty had to go too.

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Re: My first bike

Post by 823JIM » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:36 am

I got my first bike in 1968 when I was 16 years old, it was a 90cc Bridgestone ( a '64 or '65 not sure anymore). Rode it a couple years till I got my 305cc Honda.

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Re: My first bike

Post by 2014redwing » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:10 pm

What a great topic! But for me i would have to break it down in to different stages . I have been around bikes all my life , first minibike at about 4 yrs old my dad said the first time we took it to the parking lot at the corner of our street he brought a gas can . this was a big mistake we spent most of the day there with me riding around in circles and from then on it was one tank of gas a day!! There have been so many between the first and the present i am not sure i could count them all but most were saved from sitting somewhere and revived in one way or another . My first real street bike at 16 years old was a 1975 cb 400f man was that a cool machine i loved it . My first harley at about 21 years old was a 1972 long and mean raked 10 over forks and rigid suspension 1000cc sportster . First goldwing about 10 years ago was a 2005 and i have been hooked since . I just purchased a 2014 wing and i see no reason why i will not have one in the stable at all times !! As always SHINY Side Up fellas!!!!!! 8-)

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Re: My first bike

Post by GramKate » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:43 am

I was 53 when I got my first bike - a Honda 250 Rebel. My husband bought it for me to learn on. From there I went on to a 600 Shadow and then to my Honda 750 Shadow Aero. Teaching me to ride was the best thing my husband could have done for me. He knew that this was something that my mother had always wanted to do, but never got the chance. So now I ride for both of us. Riding and taking pictures of all of the places we've ridden to is the only thing that I want to do from early Spring until the first snowflake falls.

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