1973 Norton 750

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1973 Norton 750

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not sure u know this storey..but I have been telling it to my boys all there 35 yrs
in 73 my 2 best school buddies and I had $3000 cash and wanted to ride across Canada. we all went into Edmonton Norton dealer to buy 3 bikes,they only had 2 ,so my friends bought them and I walked across the street and bought s 750 Triumph Hurricaine, it was $500 more than the Notons.little over $2000. we all took off to Halifax where my friends Dad just moved too with Mobil Oil.my Triumph couldn't go 50 miles on the small tank so I decided not to go and headed home. they continued and in Ontario the transmission packed it in on Dans bike,apparently the dealer never put oil in it? he had it shipped back to the dealer in Edmonton and they doubled on the last bike to Halifax. they stayed there for a year working for mobil oil on the docks. Wilburs Norton sat in a warehouse till they came home with Dans dad in a truck. Meabnwhile I sold my Triumph to a guy from Calgary who still has it today and was offered $50,000 for it last I saw it at Edmontons annual bike show. My friend Wilber had 6600 miles on his Norton when he put it in his Moms garage in 75. it sat there till last month when he asked if I wanted it,.sure.how much? what I paid for it. sounds good. was $1650. my son is restoring it and it will stay in family .hopefully. heres my Triumph in 74 and my Norton today..thats me on it.

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Re: 1973 Norton 750

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If only we had 20-20 foresight, huh?

My first was a 1970 Norton 750 Fastback, 4 speed, fast, then in '74 I traded it in on a new '74 T150V Trident. Rode that until I wrecked it, stayed off a few years as I finished college and got into other stuff ,,
then after getting married and well situated in my career, bought another 9,000 mile like new Trident T150V 760 miles away via phone call, drove up on a Monday, got a room, met owner Tuesday AM, started it, loaded it, paid the man, drove my '77 F150 4x4 home 760 miles, big round Lucas headlight in my mirror. That was 1994. Sold it last Summer as I got some bad health news, just didn't want wife to have to deal with it.

Now, doing good, things looking up, still have a pair of GLs, likely will sell the 1200 bike, but keep the 1500 trike. I have this balance issue that is likely to plague me.

Ah Well …. many miles & smiles on Brit iron, many thanks for second chances too. Those Hurricanes were everywhere at my dealer area back then, small tanks, but SEXY as all get out. Was at the shop, just hanging out the day a guy rode in on one very hot, very sick Hurricane. He barely made it off road into parking lot. He had hitched a ride to Dallas to buy it, rode it back, gas station to station, filling it but never checking oil until it really smelt burnt up in Tenn. He filled the oil tank thinking it must have been empty when he bought it …. LOL, that tank was near empty again when he got to Virginia, riding Lord knows how hard when speed limits were high … a testament to how tough a triple was. One of the shop owners made hime a offer on trade, he accepted, and after good rebuilds, that Hurricane lived on the dragstrips and a garage. Last I saw, it had a Hyde big bore / stroke kit, Hunt mag, and was a handful. I loved my Tridents, but then, I loved my Norton too.

The Norton had gobs of torque, one night a buddy and I rode it up to James Madison in Harrisonburg, Va. We left Rt 29 on Rt 6 & 151, started up Afton Mounton on Rt 250 and I just opened her up in high gear, she never dropped under 90 up that grade. I don't even believe the Kaw would have done more loaded like that.

My first T150V her first day home.

My last T150V with new, custom exhaust from New Zeland.

I did have a Kaw Z-1 for awhile, it was scarry fast, I soon got rid of it. Tank was painted before I got it.

I know how to polish aluminum but someone else chromed parts on the Z-1.
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