Polaris Slingshot

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Polaris Slingshot

Post by suvcw04 »

Interested in any experience with these "bikes". Thinking about getting one.

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Re: Polaris Slingshot

Post by Good Hondog »

suvcw04 wrote:
Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:11 pm
Thinking about getting one.
The name Polaris, that should be your first warning. I wouldn't want anything made from that company after the despicable, dirty trick they pulled on all the loyal group of guys who bought new Victory motorcycles for all the years Polaris pushed the brand. I remember going to the new motorcycle show in January a couple of years ago and having the Victory sales people telling everybody how great the Victories were. Then a few weeks later they come out with the news that they're dumping the brand altogether so they can focus on the pretend Indians they want to manufacture and sell. You can imagine how angry and betrayed the people who just bought Victories would have felt right then.

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Re: Polaris Slingshot

Post by Kripestam »

Polaris is Polaris just as the guy above said.. but, we never had any issues with the slingshot (I'm a motorcycle mechanic and yes we sold everything but snowmobiles from polaris).
But it missing power... it's just not as fast as it looks and that's to bad. But it's fun to drive and perfect on a sunny day! Go and test drive!

(And... the reason Polaris shut down the Victory. The sales of Indiand and the brand made more money on 2years then victory did on 10-12 years so that's why. )

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