Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

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Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by vaughn »

I plan on towing a small cargo trailer with my 83 Aspencade. How well does it handle the extra weight pulling and stopping. I had a 1500 awhile back and pulled a 300 pound tent trailer without any trouble but that was a bigger and more powerful bike. I know I will have to down shift more. I won't be pulling it much, but need the extra space when I take a long trip this year. Mostly be on interstates. Looking for more safety tips than performance. Also how did you hook up your wires? They had a plug in kit for the 1500. I doubt there is one for the 1100.
Thank's Vaughn

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Re: Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by CMReynolds1 »

I towed a trailer with my 82 Interstate, weighed about 250-300 lbs. loaded. I did install a swivel tongue assembly just because a buddy of mine made them and gave me one. The unit towed great. My riding buddy had an 83 Aspencade and towed a 800 lb. (approx.) camping trailer and he did fine. He did use a little more caution on braking as that much weight wanted to push when deaccelerating. All in all, they tow great.

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Re: Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by littlebeaver »

I tow with my 81... No problem.. I towed it to SA Texas and back....From Kansas City.... Went 75 in some places... :shock: Go to the search engine and key in Trailer lights and you will find several post on the subject....We just helped a guy not long ago.... :D Oh wait wait, I found it...viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25917 Note: You might consider LED light bulbs for both the trailer and the motorbike.... 1100's electrical system isn't all that powerful.. It's not hard to overload the system... Especially with lots of stuff running...
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Re: Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by RoadRogue »

Dragging a pod trailer with the 1100 is very do-able. I dragged one with mine for thousands of Kms. As for how it handles, its kinda like having a passenger on the back. You dont really notice it back there except for when you first start out from a stop or when you have to stop in a hurry. You can feel the weight . For the most part its not a big deal. 300 lbs. Is not a heavy trailer. Make sure you have 10-15% of the total weight on the hitch, and the draw bar should be 1.5 to 2 times the width between the wheels for a stable tow.
LED lights to ease the load on the electrical system are a must.
A swivel hitch is not needed , with a regular hitch and ball you can lay the bike over on the crash bars without binding or twisting the drawbar, the trailer wheels will stay on the ground with out an issue.
The 1100 has more than enough power to pull a trailer. Just take it easy till you get used to the longer braking distances and the feeling of the bike being pushed a bit. 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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Re: Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by vrlpete »

i made up a cooler rack and mounting bracket so i could go sans trailer. put a plate on it to relocate the license plate with lighting that plugs into my trailer plug. just did 1600 mi round trip to ny with it and had zero issues. i'd say the piece of luggage i had on it was a good 30# or better.
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Re: Towing trailer with 83 Goldwing

Post by OldZX11Rider »

My '82 Aspencade handled a small cargo trailer just fine. You'll notice a little difference but you will rapidly get used to it and ride accordingly. :D

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