coolbox advice please?!

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coolbox advice please?!

Post by Yliubr »

we have a family holiday in whitby, booked by my mum and dad, and we travel this coming saturday. its a farmouse so self catering, and 'we' will conisist of myself, my son, my brother and his girlfriend, my auntie, my mum and dad and my nutty collie.
i will be travelling up there with my son and dog, my brother and girlfriend will follow me as i'm taking the scenic route over the moors. this will also allow for plenty of stops for the dog.
i have a portable bbq, that i'd like to use on the evening of our arrival, and so i'm hoping to be able to safely use a cool box to transport food for all of us when we arrive. will be looking at 8hrs in the boot of the car!!!!
so my question is how long would a coolbox keep fresh meat safe for? i have lots of ice packs.
my idea was to freeze all the meat a couple of days before travelling and put it in the coolbox frozen to defrost and behave as ice packs for sandwiches through the saturday til we get there? though my friend thinks i'd still end up with frozen meat when we get there!?
what do you think?

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Re: coolbox advice please?!

Post by DenverWinger »

It depends on the quality of your coolbox. (cooler, in the US. :D )

In a good quality cooler, if you have all those ice packs plus you start out with the meat frozen, I would agree with your friend and recommend you not freeze the pieces of meat you plan for that evening's BBQ.

I usually buy ice for my cooler, I get a solid block probably 10x10x20 cm plus a 5kg bag of cubes, and without freezing any meat I can plan on still having a small block of ice and some very cold water in the cooler 3 days later.

With all the meat starting out frozen you should expect at least that long while maintaining a safe temperature. More ice packs is better.... Keep the cooler out of the sun..

And have a GREAT holiday! :D :D
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Re: coolbox advice please?!

Post by dingdong »

Also cool down the box with a bag of ice or an ice pack the night before your trip.
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