Pre 93 Bushtec shock replacement found!

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Pre 93 Bushtec shock replacement found!

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Hi all, first post here, Great forum you have.

I have a 92 Bushtec turbo that the shocks were dying on. As we know, those 2 stud shocks are not available from Bushtec anymore. I spent the better part of a day digging through my Local parts store's shock catalogs. I FOUND A REPLACEMENT! Monro Air shocks off of a 78 Pacer. Monro MA705 is the part number. They are 10.25" compressed, 17.25" extended. the top stud need to be cut 1/2" shorter to fit in the tub and the bottom stud could be cut as it sticks down about 1" below the a-arm. With 20Lbs in them, the trailer's wheels are at 90* empty. Monro says they can handle 150PSI, doubt I'll ever see more than 45. No idea on valving as I haven't taken it for a ride, but the bounce test with my calibrated 230Lb butt says they'll do just fine. I did put 60 PSI in them with 1 50Lb bag of concrete in the trailer and it almost topped out the suspension so it might be a little more sensitive to pressure than the stock ones on the trailer. (understandable, they are for a 2000lb car...)

I'll give an update once I get some miles on it, but so far I'm thrilled. Plus, Local store wanted 109 for the set, with air line, Ebay has them for 60ish a pair with air line.

And the trailer still won't bounce if dropped :D

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