Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

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Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by bikersrule »

I'm looking for the best camping toilet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by MikeB »

There are lots of camping toilets and privacy enclosures on

My question would be what do you do with the toilet after it has been used? How do you secure it so that it does not spill?

Will you be camping out in a tent or tent trailer?
So many questions need to be answered before a quality answer to the original question can be answered I believe.
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by Viking »

Best one I have ever had is a five gallon bucket. You can purchase a clip on toilet seat for one, and use plastic bags inside. Single or double use, get rid of the bag, and you can store stuff in the bucket when travelling. You do need a cargo trailer for this one tho. A small bag of kitty litter, and if you camp in the same place for a couple of days, you can continue to use it till it is time to move on. Some kitty litter in the bottom (in the plastic bag) then some more every time you use it. Tie the bag shut and dump it in the garbage when you leave.
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by Mountain rider »

Getting caught placing a bag of poop in a dumpster here can get you a ticket, a rather large fine, and a not so pleasant visit to the grey bar hotel. That aside, take a look at the RV toilets used in tent trailers. These are rather small and have a small holding tank built into the cabinet. The tank is treated with waste tank chemical to help break down waste and reduce the odor, and when you're ready to move, the waste tank can be removed and dumped at a waste dump station. Rinse it out, reinstall it in the cabinet, and you're ready to travel. I don't recall brands right off the top of my head, possibly Thetford or Dometic.
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by dingdong »

All depends on where you are camping. Most camp sites have facilities. If camping in the wilderness carry an entrenching tool. Military style folding shovel.
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by Good Hondog »

Viking wrote: Thu Jul 25, 2019 6:30 am Best one I have ever had is a five gallon bucket. You can purchase a clip on toilet seat for one, and use plastic bags inside.
That's some good Canadian thinking there Viking. That sounds like something our famous Red Green would be proud to show the construction of :idea: (Only you and I will get the reference to Red Green).
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by virgilmobile »

Your not the only ones that appreciate the Red Green show.
One of my favorites is "high beams" :lol:
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by seelyark1 »

You are not the only ones to enjoy Red Green! Ep 203, 2000 season. Which kid gets my hub caps? Yet to be decided...
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Re: Need Some Camping Toilet Advice

Post by Great_adVENTURE »

We picked up the pop-up privacy tent and reliance 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat lid for emergencies only. Then it’s loaded it up inside with toiletries like wipes, toilet paper, and bags. They make a powder that absorbs the liquid but haven’t had experience with them yet. Heard about those cat box absorbent pads that you can get in amazon brand that would do the trick. Again we haven’t had the need to use this setup yet but it’s good to know it’s their if and when we need it.

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