Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

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Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by echinus1988 »

I am replacing my trailer tires this winter since the old ones are worn out.

I think they're 8" tires but I could be wrong but I'm thinking I'll only need 1 or 2 ounces of beads to balance them.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

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Andy Cote
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Re: Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by Andy Cote »

I am planning the same winter project. I thought one ounce would be enough but actually I bought two three ounce bags. My plan is to use half a bag (1-1/2 oz. less spillage) in each tire but wanted the two filtered valve cores. I'll save the other bag of beads for a future job. I also plan to install metal valve stems.

I did this on my Kompact Kamp using two new wheels and tires. Just broke the bead enough to change the valve stem and dump the beads while it was open

My new trailer has chrome wheels which I want to keep. Not looking forward to fighting those little tires by hand but c'est le vie.

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Re: Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by RoadRogue »

I use the beads in my trailer too, it is my experience that “too many beads “ within reason are not harmful to the balancing. Better too much than not enough. I would use no more than 2 oz. in the 8 to 12 “ tires. Same as you would for the front tire on your bike. 8-)
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Re: Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by CrystalPistol »

8" … or even 12" trailer tires? The tires and wheels are so light and of such diameter, you'll never feel an imbalance at any speed you're gonna pull it, but balance beads or AirSoft BBs won't hurt. They're so light and any slight imbalance is so close to axis. Couple ounces will suffice. 2 ounces is 2 ounces.
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Re: Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by DenverWinger »

Never tried the beads, but I remember that the tires (8" wheels) that were on my Camper when I bought it were CUPPED! Beads likely would have prevented that.

I replaced those tires right away... Local Discount Tire sells and mounts them, says won't fit on their spin balancer though.

Spec's on the tires say 45 PSI air pressure. Experience says that's way too much - only the center of the tread wears. So trying 28 lbs.

Difficult to say, though - The camper spends as much time behind the Jeep Cherokee as behind the bike, 'cause we like to camp in places where the bikes can't go! - Forest. In those cases we load all the gear in the Jeep and pull the trailer mostly empty except for bedding and soft stuff due to bouncing around the 4WD forest roads. Gets highway miles empty like that too, depends on which forest we go to.

But it's fully loaded if behind the bike. Might need more air in that case. But it was after a cross-country bike trip I noticed the tire centers wearing out.

Haven't seen any tire cupping or experienced any vibration issues since I've had the camper, third set of tires now - they don't last very long, maybe 5K miles. But I replace 'em well before they get down to wear bars, don't want any tires that are even remotely questionable behind me on the bike.

Thinking I'll try the beads next time, couldn't hurt.
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Re: Counteract Beads for Trailer Tires

Post by AZgl1800 »

28 is a bit high, I ended up at 24 psi on my trailer with 5.75x8 tires.


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