Toyota Rav 4

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Toyota Rav 4

Post by Spence »

Does/has anyone used a Toyota Rav 4 to haul a trailer with their GW loaded on it? The U-haul website says that I can but .......

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Re: Toyota Rav 4

Post by AZgl1800 »

should not be a problem.

we hauled my gl1800 1500 miles on a trailer behind our little Pontiac Vibe.
but, it was a Manual Shift Transmission and we ran in 3rd gear most of the time.

did not want to stress the 4th gear over-drive.
this kept the RPMs up around 3500 and it ran on cruise control just fine.

when we came into the WVA mountain areas, we dumped the cruise, and down shifted to keep the RPMs up at 3500 or more, in some places, we were running 5000 RPM for a bit, down in 2nd gear.

you just need to know your vehicle, and don't try to make it do something it was not intended to do.
like running 55 mph in Over-drive, the tach will be at 1500 RPM and you will break something

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Re: Toyota Rav 4

Post by dingdong » ... -rav4-tow/
Without the towing package the capacity for the Rav4 is 1500 lbs.
The small U-Haul mc trailer weighs around 900 lbs. Your wing another 900 lbs. I would be very careful towing your wing any distance, if at all.
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Re: Toyota Rav 4

Post by CrystalPistol »

I once pulled a 4x6 enclosed U-haul loaded with stuff as we moved with wife's '76 Celica GT 5 speed. Pulled a 4 mile grade in 3rd, the next week found me pulling the transmission to replace the front counter shaft bearing. If I had left it in 4th, so direct through main shaft, likely wouldn't have hurt it. I should have used my '67 SS, it had a hitch too.
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Re: Toyota Rav 4

Post by BlueThunder »

Yes the Rav 4 will be able to tow the bike. Keep in mind though, it lacks the power to fly over the WV mountains at 75MPH. Downshift if you need to to and don't over stress the motor. I pulled my bike from NY to TN with a Tacoma (4 Cyl). When I hit the mountains was when I wished I have the 6 cyl motor :o

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Re: Toyota Rav 4

Post by DenverWinger »

When Mom passed in 2006 I wound up pulling a 5x10 U-Haul box trailer full of antique furniture from Clio MI (N of Flint) back to Denver with my '85 Toyota Camry. Prolly 250K mi on it then, 352K on it now.

2000cc 4cyl 5-Speed normally gets 33MPG on the freeway and it's a pretty zippy car for a 4 cyl. I found out what's the worst possible highway fuel economy this thing can get. 4th and 5th gear were totally out of the question with this load and the wind resistance of the box trailer, best speed it could do on the Interstate was around 60MPH in 3rd, flat out on level ground. Probably 4000 RPM or better at that speed in 3rd. It never complained.... There's no tach, but the book says max speed in 3rd is 80MPH. That should be 5500 RPM red line, or 4125 at 60.

Floorboarded in 3rd gear at 4000+ RPM for 1400 miles it still got 17MPG for the trip, after beating on it like that seems none the worse for the wear even today.....

When I moved from Michigan to Colorado back in '81 I was pulling an absolutely packed dual axle 6x12 trailer with a '71 Impala with 400cid V8. That only got 7MPG.

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