Utility trailer to haul trike

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Utility trailer to haul trike

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I've never yet needed it, but I have my 4x8 foot utility trailer set up to haul our trike if ever needed. I had this trailer that I bought years ago, saw it road side one day. 4X8 solid steel 3/32nd thick diamond plate floor, 2x3x1/4" wall steel channel frame, several in between cross members under the floor and a railing of 2x2x1/8" angle steel, it was a good start. It had a straight 2K lb axle and just 4.00-12 tires, not good. Springs were just two or three leaf lightweight springs. I got the trailer cheap enough, cleaned, and repainted it myself.

I had a Dexter 3.5 K 4" drop axle from an old horse trailer that wrecked years ago, no hubs or bearings though. It had laid out a few years. It was way too long for my needs. I straightened it to remove camber as I shortened it. I polished surface rust off the spindles and bought new 5 lug 3.5 K hubs with bearings. I bought and welded perches for new 2.5K mono-leaf springs and moved axle back so that the bed length is 51" of bed in front of axle and 45" of bed is behind the axle. I have used old plywood on inner-sides & ends just to haul gravel or mulch. I've hauled fair size loads of building materials too.

Small trailer but it will haul good loads. I've had ton loads on it several times. Got to measuring one day couple years ago, trike was too long, too wide at rear to fit. 5x10 would be better, but it's just 4x8 feet. First I extended the tongue, then I cut a section out of rail to allow trike front wheel to protruded 12" past floor to stop post (which is a place I use for winching loads if needed). I made removable rear sections of railing that are removed if needed, bolt to rail above rear of tires, at floor, and at tailgate. I widened the floor back there too.

I had taken pictures of the trike loaded up and the tailgate partially raised and supported by two HD struts so it acts as a rear bumper … but I can't find them. It's enough that I know with three ramps, I can load the trike. The trailer is low, the bottom of the motor doesn't rub the trailer when loading. I extended the tongue, beefed it up too, thinking of hinging it this year too. I also have some Alloy 15" Explorer wheels and better 235/75-15 LT tires mounted for use with new longer studs.

The old tool box & stuff was some stuff sitting on the trailer that day. I had visions of hauling the trike to a "tour point" out west and taking day rides from there someday, but for sure I can haul a sick trike home if needed.

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