Heated gear for my wife for Christmas?

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Heated gear for my wife for Christmas?

Post by C-dub » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:30 pm

I'm thinking about getting my wife a full set of heated gear for Christmas. I am notoriously bad at waiting until it is too late to find decent gifts for just about any occasion. So, I'm way ahead on Christmas this year. I hope. My wife has a narrow temperature range of comfort when riding. She can take warm to hot okay, but not much over 95F. Cold, though, is her Achilles heal. She is too cold when it gets below middle 50's as we experienced on our recent trip. I was really surprised she did as well as she did at that temp.

I've been reading through some of the threads of heated gear and realize that my 2016 should be able to handle everything for her easily. I'm thinking about socks, pants & jacket liners, and gloves. I'm reading that some of the manufacturers have made it so all these things can be linked together. What I'm not sure about is how to control the various zones. I've seen there are dual zone controllers, but haven't seen quad zone controllers yet.

Would having all four of these things require two dual controllers?

Can all four really be connected and plugged into one power connection on the bike?

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Re: Heated gear for my wife for Christmas?

Post by 2003Cobra » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:55 am

I have a complete set of heated gear from the feet to the neck. Yes you connect all the heated gear together. The liner will have 2 wire connections to the controller, one for the Jacket and one for the pants, feet and gloves. I'm not aware of a quad controller and the heated gear I've seen would not really be setup for a quad not to say there isn't some like that out there.

The controller has 3 wires, one that connects to the hot wire from the battery, then the other 2 connect to the jacket liner. There is a third wire off the jacket liner that connects to the pants and on each leg at the bottom there is a wire for the socks or inside sole. On the jacket liner there is a wire on each sleeve to connect to each glove. You do not have to use only one brand of heated clothing. I have a mixed bag, Gerbing, warm gear and harley (although Gerbing makes harley gear) All of them use the same connecting cable.

When disconnecting from the bike it is recommended to turn the heated gear off before unplugging. If you are just using a controller they you have to turn both knobs off and of course there goes the settings. When I got my bought my gear (I bought the all my gear off someone who had quite riding) I got an on/off switch that plugs into the hot wire so all I have to do is turn it off and unplug then the next time I get back on I still have my previous settings and just have to turn the switch back on. If your wife is as picky as I am to the temp this may be a nice feature for her. Hope this helps.
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