'79 GL1000 Starter issues

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'79 GL1000 Starter issues

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I've have gotten pretty good advice here, so I'm gonna ask another question. I just finished getting the bike ready for our big Wisconsin run this Spring. Put in a new water pump, timing belts, hoses, ect.... And now I have a new problem that just happened... The started will not engage very well when cold. After it is warmed up it engages fine. The manual is very vauge and not much info to go off. Any input to this problem?

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Re: '79 GL1000 Starter issues

Post by D2D »

This will happen when your oil gets cold or there's a bit of sludge built up on the rollers in the starter clutch gear. You can use a lighter weight oil for cold weather riding or you can try placing a space heater close to the bike or hang a heat lamp to warm your oil. There are several threads on how to add MMO or Sea Foam to your oil and remove the sludge that builds up if your bike has been sitting for a long time.
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