my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

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my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by zeldar »

I took advantage of the cold winter to do some work on my bike. put new starter, new solenoid, rebuild the carbs, adjuster the timing and the vulve clearance.
when comming to start the engin it refuses the turn
took all plugs out and it turns (I connected the starter directly to the but.)
Each plug I put in the starter will kick slower and by the time all 4 were in it will not start

It acts as if I have a HYDROLOCKED but without the engin firing how can it be

Any assistance would be appreciated

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Re: my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by WingAdmin »

Well sounds like you have either a bad battery, or a bad starter. If you put a voltmeter across the battery, what does the voltage go down to when you hit the starter (with all four plugs installed)?
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Re: my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by RBGERSON »

quick check hook the starter to a car battery..neg to engine then tap the starter stud with the positive jumper cable..if it turns your bike battery is problem bad..or the cables positive or negative on the bike could be bad. Check the ground connection at the engine hanger?? or the cable itself they can corrode inside.

Note hydro lock only concurs if gas is flowing into you cylinders when he bike is not running..from bad float setting or bad float needles or leaks int eh carb o has nothign to do with spark.

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Re: my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by Fred Camper »

Battery should be the first check, if that is good then as above check cables including.g grounds. What source is the starter? It is easy to buy a junk starter these days. That is why I like to rebuild them instead.
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Re: my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by blackbeauty »

I am having the same issue. Just rebuilt starter and repaced battery, thought it was the battery but still barely turns over. what am I missing????
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Re: my 1976 gl 1000 will not start

Post by larrycole »

Try loosening the frame bolt where the negative battery wire connects, wiggle the connector and re-tighten. You may not have a good ground connection to the frame after 36 years, and you won't get enough current for the starter. You can also use a jumper cable from the negative battery post to a good ground spot on the frame.

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