my gl1000 78 won´t start

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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my gl1000 78 won´t start

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hello to everyone! i´m a new goldwing owner, i bought this gl1000 who was parked in some garage for the last 10 years, i already rebuild the carburators, replace the sparkplugs, clean all the gasoline circuit, and everything seems to work alright, but it won´t start! at the begining ´t seems like only the right cilynders were working, and the gasoline from the left cilynders were leaking and not working... can someone give me a hint on what can it be? i already check the firing order, the breaker points and everything seems to be alright... help please!!!

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Re: my gl1000 78 won´t start

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Take a break,collect your thoughts,and approach the bike like you have never seen it before.
Assume nothing is right.Sometimes we can be so involved we can miss a obvious error.
First and simplest.A engine will fire when 3 things happen.
1.Correct fuel mixture.Not a flooded cylinder or one with no gas(stuck float)
2.spark...plenty of it and at exactly the right time.Its easy to get the points off,the 2 wires from them backward or the plug wires on the wrong plugs.
3.Compression.You need at least 100 psi of compression to fire a cylinder.135 or more psi is what we see.
4.Clean spark plugs.If they are gas fouled,they must be cleaned and the cylinder dried out before attempting to start it.
5.A good battery.The 1000 with points are notorious for a weak spark while cranking.You have to have a good charged battery.
So,start fresh.Look at the pictures and confirm the plug wires and all the color codes for left and right are correct,the 2 wires from the points haven't been reversed,pull all the plugs and spin it over to clear all the cylinders and have a look at the plugs.
Re-check the timing.

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