77 GL1000 Electrical Issue?

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77 GL1000 Electrical Issue?

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i just picked up my first goldwing,when i got it it was not running and was told he put a new solenoid on it, i got home put a new battery in it and tried the start button and it did nothing, i then tried the horn button and got nothing, then realized that the dim was bright and bright is dim, got the kick-start out and got it to start with the kick start. the turn signals flash very slowly or not at all, rode it for about 50 miles then when i hit either brake the radio turns off then back on if i am not on the throttle then 30 miles later the radio stopped working all together.I got home put the battery on the charger and the radio works again. by the way the bike has a pichler uni-4 faring on it. sorry for the long explination but want to include all the details. Ant help is greatly appreciated thanks.

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Re: 77 GL1000 Electrical Issue?

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You should have fully charged the battery before riding. From what you describe your battery wasn't fully charged, hence all the issues.
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Re: 77 GL1000 Electrical Issue?

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Since you mention a fairing, you may have several issues in the birds next (the bundle of wires under the left hand shelter cover at the front head tube. GL Owners without sufficient electrical skill wire fairings using scotch connectors which soon fail and make disconnections when they try to shove the wires back into the rubber sleeve. You may want to have the electrical schematic handy when you check her over.

here is a bigger pictures in a URL
http://www.ngwclub.com/gallery/d/35642- ... ematic.jpg
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Re: 77 GL1000 Electrical Issue?

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Get that battery charged up and you should be ok by the sounds of it.

Thanks for the diagram Fred. Definitely something I need to keep on file

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