Sudden loss of low end power

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Sudden loss of low end power

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Hey folks, My 79' Gl1000 usually runs great, but the other day I started it and idle was a joke. When I gave it throttle the higher RPM's evened out, not entirely but enough to drive around the neighborhood.
I thought simple fix at first, just debris in the bowl or clogged jet. I have had that in many older engines and after taking the carb apart to clean it found that problem was usually it.
This time I hesitate to get into tearing the carb assembly out and taking it apart, not afraid of the project, just thought I would ask if anybody has run into this with the older Gl's before and what did they do.
I actually love working on it and enjoy getting things worked out, this time maybe someone has a quicker way to resolve the problem for me, thanks. Kevin

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Re: Sudden loss of low end power

Post by virgilmobile »

Sorry,there isn't any magic pixi dust that will mysteriously fix your carbs right.
If there gunked up and the slow speed jets are plugged up,your just gonna have to "do it" to do it right.

Replace the fuel filter,clean every port,jet and hole in there.Polish the slides,pistons and caps till they move butter smooth.Mark the caps and slides so they get back on the same carb body and vacuum cleaner test them before you put them back on.
Finish off with a good sync and that bike will loosen your shoulders from hanging on. :D

Let us know if we lost you.
Expect 4 hours of tedious work just on the carbs.All day to do the whole thing.

One last thing....This is assuming the ignition system is exactly right....not close....especially with points..It's gotta be done by the split measurement method.
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Re: Sudden loss of low end power

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Complete a google search on Robert Overly GL1000 if you have not heard of or done a split timing method.
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