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Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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RE: Getting wet

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The drain holes that y'all are talkin about, Should i see daylight straight thru?
Mine are open down about 4 inches then just stop. I'm hesitant bout openin up the holes if they DON'T go straight down.
Hate to add n new set of heads to my need list.
BTW still lookin at my temp guage problem, Worked twice for about 5 miles down the road, then back to cold setting,
So now I ASSUME guage, sensor, wiring, 7 V reg, are in working order.
Stumped in Northern Mi, :?

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Re: RE: Getting wet

Post by virgilmobile »

Drain holes dump on the exhaust header mount.Can't see daylight.
If it's just the temp and not both the temp and fuel that go out then it's a connection anywhere from the gauge it's self all the way to the temp sensor next to the thermostat.
If it's still inoperative,touch the sensor wire to ground,it should make the meter go full scale.
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