GL1000 to a Trike

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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GL1000 to a Trike

Post by GlacierBill »

I have a GL1000 that my wife would like to turn into a trike, anyone have any ideas, plans etc?

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Re: GL1000 to a Trike

Post by larrycole »

I dunno about a trike, but there are a lot of sidecars that will mount to a GL1000. I'm thinking about it, but I hear the steering takes some getting used to.

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Re: GL1000 to a Trike

Post by BlueThunder »

I have a 1977 GL1000 that I plan on converting to a trike. I've done a lot of research and I've found the choices for a GL1000 are very limited due to its age. If you want "training wheel", there are several bolt-on, bolt-off kits (voyager) that keep the stock rear wheel. After talking with a lot of people who have gone this route, in my opinion, this is not the way to go. Especially if you want a real trike. I decided to go with the conversion kit offered by Triwing ( It has some issues but again, the choices are meager. For the buck, I think there kits offer the best value. They have three (3) different styles.

The problem are: (1). Their kits don't come with rear rims. Not a big deal - look to Craigslist. (2). The differential is a 7 1/2" Ford axle with dual drum brakes. Again, not a problem as bikes in this year range (1970's) had a drum brake on the rear. After market conversion kits (to discs) are available from auto stores. (3). The axle is a flat (not solid) axle. IRS is not an option.

The pluses: (1). Price wise very good $5995 for a complete installation (less rear rims). (2). Straight forward installation. If you do your own work on the bike, you'll be able to install this yourself. (3). Upgrades are available from auto stores (brake pads, disc upgrades, etc.). (4). Has excellent customer support.

BTW, I get no benefit if you buy this kit and this is only my opinion.

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