Clipped cylinder liner(?)

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Clipped cylinder liner(?)

Post by ned »

A question for you.

I have a spare motor which shows little signs of wear and like to restore it.

After taking the heads off and checking the cyclinder bores (no wear), I've seen these chips in the cylinder liners(?). Well the supporting structure that holds the cyclinder liners.

As u can see in the photos the chips look old as white deposit is probably from the coolant.

Now, is this acceptable or should I go to a welder to see if I can fill the cracks and build up the metal level to the original height. I have a feeling that this may no be necassary as the head gasket will probably hold, but would like some advice.

close up.

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Re: Clipped cylinder liner(?)

Post by scotterichmond »

If you lay the gasket up to the block, does the sealing area look like it would do its job?
That is accually electrolysis. If the gasket will work I would still built it up, not sure with what though. welding is best, but how? I am not a welder.
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Re: Clipped cylinder liner(?)

Post by Fred Camper »

Seems like it would not be bad to build up provided you protect the bore well. I would want the gasket to have the extra support and a welder would find that an easy job.
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Re: Clipped cylinder liner(?)

Post by sfruechte »

I would check with a machine shop, an engine guy, your Honda dealer and keep checking this board until I got some consistent advice that I felt comfortable with because of all the work and money you will be putting into it. Old Goldwings that already run are pretty reasonably priced.
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Re: Clipped cylinder liner(?)

Post by tom84std »

This is a difficult call. The right way is to have it repaired. It would need to be properly prepped and professionally TIG welded with the cylinder sleeves removed. This would require building up filler material both above the deck and inside the cylinder bores. I'm pretty sure this could only be done with the sleeves removed. Then the excess would have to be machined off before refitting the sleeves and I doubt the old ones could be reused. Everything included, it would be expensive to do. You might get by test fitting a new gasket just to see how much material is actually over the edges of the sleeves themselves and pray that would be enough 'pinched' material to hold. If it were mine that's what I'd try first. I'd buy a new set of gaskets knowing full well it was a gamble. At least that way all I'd be out is the price of the gasket, otherwise the labor costs will probably be more than the engine's worth.This only my best guess, hopefully I'll be proven wrong. Good luck

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