Tubeless Tires on '76?

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Tubeless Tires on '76?

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I currently have stock wheels/rims/tires on my Wife's 76. I have a set of Lester alloy wheels and am hoping that I could run tubeless tires if I installed these wheels. Is that what they are designed for? Also, are tubeless tires available in my/our sizes? If so, what are the metric sizings for them?

I foresee many rides in desert or mountain areas (on-road, not off...) starting next year when we move to Arizona, and am thinking about possible flat tires, and plugging a tubeless to limp back to civilization seems much more pleasant than pulling the wheel, patching or replacing a tube, etc etc. Your thoughts?

TIA. Ron in MI

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Re: Tubeless Tires on '76?

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Leste made tubeless and tubetype rims. So it will be marked if tubeless. Do not put a tube in a tubeless rim if you want to repair a flat. The tire will not come off th rim to repair the tube. So if tubeless, go tubeless. I have seen both versions of Lesters.
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