78 GL smoking bad,right side

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78 GL smoking bad,right side

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I pick up a 78 that was stored for a few years. When I got it started today it's burning oil really bad on the right side and knocking. (like a fogger) After I shut it down I pulled the plugs from the right side, they were dry. Smoke was still coming out of the back cylinder. Any guesses on what going on, valve guide seals,stuck ring? I'm thinking I'm going to pull the heads and cyliners and rework the valve train and new rings. Are there any good DIY articles on doing this?

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Re: 78 GL smoking bad,right side

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Let's break this down a bit.
Are the cylinders actually firing?A 10 second idle and tap each exhaust header to find out.
Do a compression test,wide open throttle,all plugs pulled.
125 or better is OK, 5 psi difference is expected.
Knocking is most common related to carb issues or syncing.The cylinders not firing equally.
Bellering smoke with clean plugs.My wings will fog up the yard if left on the side stand for a week but usually from the left side.It normally cleared up within 1/2 hour.
Check the compression first.
Rings can be replaced by pulling and splitting the engine,heads can be done with the engine in the bike.
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