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GL1000 Head Gasket- Want to Buy Yours

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:09 pm
by 1grouch2u
I hope this isn't something I'm not supposed to do, but I was thinkin maybe somebody out there had a head gasket for a GL1000 that they weren't going to use that they might part with for not a whole lot of money- kinda like bought just the gasket,(here's how the scenario plays out in my mind...) then decided to get the whole kit, then moved up to a 1200 and had a 1000 gasket just hanging on a nail out in the garage that might need a new home, where it would get the love and respect it so rightfully deserves...

Probably wishful thinking, but you never know- can't hurt to ask I don't guess. It's not such an off the wall premise as it might sound, at least in my pointed little head. If not no big deal, just sounded good at the time