Sluggish tach, any ideas?

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El Taco
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Sluggish tach, any ideas?

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My tach is super slow to respond. Should I replace it, or could I flip it and soak the drive with penetrating oil?

Suppose I should add, this is on a 77 GL1000.

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Re: Sluggish tach, any ideas?

Post by virgilmobile »

Generally it's not the drive that needs lube.
It's the inside....The lube on the needle bearings/sleeve has dried up.
If you get another tach of the same vintage,it could have the same problem.
If your up for a little work....the chrome ring can be removed to expose the innards and with a needle oiler,the moving parts can be oiled.

The bad part about doing this is the damage to the chrome ring...
I've used small hand tools to pry the back lip of the ring far enough to get it apart,and after cleaning and lube,crimped it back down...
There was some damage to the ring in the process but it was acceptable looking for me.
Check out this post....viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9155
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Re: Sluggish tach, any ideas?

Post by Placerville »

Agree with Virgil. Just to take every other possibility off the table, pull your cable and make sure it's clean, well lubed and working properly from the gear near the fuel pump. From your description, I do think that it's 'sluggishness' is due to the internals of the tach but, it's good to visit all of the simple things first. (Think how mad you'd be if you opened your tach only to find later that it was actually a cable issue.)

Regarding potential damage to the ring.... Opening a speedo or tach is a very time consuming process that takes ultimate patience and finesse. The ring can be pried up and crimped back down with no damage if you use the right tools and technique. For an additional tutorial on opening a speedo or tach body, go here. (If your not a member of the NGW, you'll need to join to read this.) Another method of removing the ring is to cut it at the 6:00 position with a Dremel. This method is quick and easy but, leaves a gap in the ring when reinstalled that will need to be silver soldered. In addition to the NGW link above, here's another Web thread on opening these gauges. Every little bit helps.

Lubing the internals of these gauges is not a job to be taken lightly or done quickly. Inspect the workings and understand what you're doing before you start applying any lubricant. If for some reason you prefer not to do this, here's an alternative. Good luck.
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