Intake Manifolds/Air Leak 1979 Goldwing 1000

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Intake Manifolds/Air Leak 1979 Goldwing 1000

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Hey everyone,

Z here. New to the forum. Looking for some help from the pros.

Own a couple Honda 400's from the late 70's 80's, but went looking for something bigger. Got my hands on a 1979 GL1000. Super low miles, and rides like a dream. Love it. But, had a backfire pretty consistently, and when first turned over, wants to slowly drop idle, and eventually die. After it gets warm (20+ min.) the idle then slowly climbs, until at the stop light, it is close to 1500 rpms higher than it should be, and climbs. A friend mentioned that it sounded like an air leak (climbing idle), so after the old brake cleaner test, I think ive found that all the intake manifolds are sucking a bit of air. Cylinder 3 is the worst, but all are a bit affected. I think the rubber at the top of the boot connecting to the carbs are all just old. They look like they are in good shape, but they must have some deterioration from the years.

Of course, these parts are discontinued. (Grr..). Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to fix the existing ones (seal them, replace rubber etc.) or have a source to someone who can build me brand new ones? I could go the ebay route, but afraid that any manifold i get is still going to have 30 years on it, and have a similar problem.



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Re: Intake Manifolds/Air Leak 1979 Goldwing 1000

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I think the advice you got over at NGW is about as good as it gets. I would try the grease first as the leak may be very small and only occur as the engine heats up from what you said. A hot engine clamp tighten would be the first try of course.
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