oil in cyl. no 4

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oil in cyl. no 4

Post by patrickhermans »

Need some advice. A few days ago I wanted to start my GL 1000 up and forgot that she was in gear, so when the starter engaged the bike went forward and came of the side stand and fell over, dont knbow what happened next but the starter kept on going even with the kill switch off and the key ignition off, finally the starter stopped, armature burned, is fixed now.
But now after installing the starter i found out that no 4 cylinder was filled up with oil. Anyone has conquered this problem yet and what to do?
Do I have to strip the whole engine or is it typical for this bike to do so when it lays on his side for a couple of minutes.



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Re: oil in cyl. no 4

Post by Viking »

I would pull the plug for #4 and turn the engine over without starting it, to blow out all the oil I could, and then clean the plug, put it back, and start the engine. It will smoke for a bit from that cylinder, but will eventually burn all the residue out. Or it should. I have heard of the older wings taking oil into the cylinders on the low side while sitting on their side stands, so it would stand to reason that if actually lying on it's side, it could leak some into the cylinder in question.
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Re: oil in cyl. no 4

Post by virgilmobile »

I would also replace the starter solenoid.I probably stuck,the reason it kept cranking.
Second...fix the cranking in gear problem.
Assuming the neutral light is working...If it will crank when in gear,the clutch switch or it's wires are shorted together.
Get this fixed for your safety.
We have all the details if you need.
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Re: oil in cyl. no 4

Post by Placerville »

Good advice above and +1 on addressing the 'starting while in gear' issue. You don't want it to do that. You said the #4 was "filled up with oil." How did you determine this? Did you remove the plug and actually observe that the area was full of oil or, was there just a small amount? An early wing, left on it side stand, will have a tendency to allow a 'small' amount of oil to seep past the rings on #2 and #4. When you start the bike, you'll get a puff of white smoke as it quickly burns off. But, if only your #4 is 'filled' (as you say) with oil, I would say that's not related to the bike being on it's side. After you get your other issues addressed, do a compression test of all four cylinders and pay particular attention to #4. I suspect you're going to have a problem there.

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