Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Just joined the forum and have a question or two.
I am putting back together a 75 Gl1000 that has been sitting awhile.
Some of the parts are in a box, especially the electrical components around the battery box.
Could someone send me a picture of that area so I would know where each piece goes?
I have most of the bike together except that area.
The wiring is not a problem as the plugs will on fit where they are supposed to go.
My e-mail address is; ama-dist45@hotmail.com


Happy trails,

Happy trails,
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Re: Electrical

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Have you received what you needed? Hard to tell as you've requested the info. to be sent to an email address.
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Re: Electrical

Post by wog »

My '75 is in pieces for a complete rebuild, but here is a couple of pics before the teardown.
I'd recommend a getting a wiring diagram to help.

The third picture is the reserve lighting unit. Some of the '75's have had them removed and bypassed by a PO

fuseable link
fuseable link

reserve lighting unit
reserve lighting unit

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