Please help with tire size

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Please help with tire size

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Hi everyone. Well I am almost done with my resto job on my 1977 GL 1000. One of my final jobs is replacing the front tire. I don't know much about mechanics (I have hired most of the work done) and I,m having a terrible time finding what size tire I need. Most all the tire places that I am shopping size tires with a 3 number system For example, 100 90 19 or such. my owners manual says this bike takes a 3.50 - 19 tire but I don,t know how to convert that number to the 3 number system. My rim says 1.85 x 19 . My fender runs close to the tire it has on it so I know I can,t go bigger. The tire that is on it now has no sizing that makes sense to me. It says 75R 00000000085 that's all the numbers it has. I would sure appreciate any and all help anyone can give me. Thanks. Dave

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Re: Please help with tire size

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Go here for solid, knowledgeable recommendations for your tires.

I've had two sets of the Bridgestone BT45 Battlax and have been very happy with them. I run mine at 30 lbs. in the front and 42 lbs. in the rear. I have my (factory) rear shocks set 'one setting' below maximum and I have Progressives springs in the front. I'm 6' 4" and 230. Depending on your height, weight, shocks and what you're doing with the front forks, start with my recommended pressure and adjust from there. I find the factory recommended pressure (label on rear fender or your manual) to be to 'squirmy' for my taste. Add or remove only a pound at a time. You'll know when it's right for you.

You'll find the best price on your tires here. Be sure you replace your tubes and your rim strips. You seem to be a newbee at this so, here's a tip: Check your tire pressure before every ride and don't be concerned if you have to add air at lest once a week. There's nothing wrong with your tires.
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