not starting and tail light not working

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not starting and tail light not working

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Ok i have a 77 gl1000. so I have had some problems with it starting for a while. I am pretty sure its dirty in the cut off switch. But the other problem is no tail light. It was working just fine but it was burning fuses like crazy and it melted the fuse box. I replaced the fuse box and it still burned fuses so I took the tail light off and found frayed ground wire where the wire harness goes under the fender. I fixed the wire but I checked and no power is getting to the connection wire under the seat but I have power to the brake light.

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Re: not starting and tail light not working

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Electrical issues can be frustrating.

What you need to do is to back trace the offending wire to the source in either the harness or the fuse box. Often, the issue is in a plug in connector. It could also be a broken wire which can not necessarily look broken at a glance. If you found a shorted wire that was bad enough to cause a lot of resistance that melted the fuse box, it is prudent to replace the entire run of wire starting at the tail light and running completely to it's termination. The extreme heat that traveled through the wire likely damaged the wiring elsewhere than just at the box.

Something to remember. When one replaces damaged primary wiring, make sure to use at least the same gauge wire that is being replaced. If you go up in gauge size, no problem. Don't go smaller, ever. Also, if there are connectors in the bad circuit, replace them also as they can suffer a similar fate the wire did. Try to use solid sections of wire and limit splices. They can increase resistance. If you do have to splice sections for whatever reason, the preferred way is to solder them. The solder joint must be a "hot" joint with plenty of flux and the solder needs to have flowed well into the joint. If you cannot do this, use weatherproof butt connectors and make sure your crimps are tight and sealed.
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Re: not starting and tail light not working

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I suggest bypassing the Reserve Lighting Unit
(RLU) as that speeds trouble shooting and the RLU often goes bad. They were eliminated on later bikes. There are available links for the toads wires. Easily done. Many of us keep the bypass on all the time.
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