flashing neutral light

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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flashing neutral light

Post by shocko »

at 80 kph going down hill on my1980 gl1100 the neutral flashed for a few seconds this happened 3 times !!!!! any advice??? i was in 5th gear.

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Re: flashing neutral light

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I have a '76 so, I'm not as familiar with your year as I could be. However, there are similarities in the switches and functions so, I'll give you some general advice.

There are two things you should check. One is the neutral switch and it's connection (first photo below #14) and the second is the clutch lever switch (second photo #6). First, locate the neutral switch. It's on the right, lower side of the engine (as you're sitting on the bike). It's very hard to get to. Make sure the wire connection is clean and well secured. Next, follow the connectors from your left handlebar switch assembly (second photo) and ensure that each of the connectors are clean and making proper contact. One of them is the clutch/neutral switch, I don't know which one it is so, that's why I'm saying to check all of them. ;)

After determining that all of your connections are clean and secure, the possibility remains that your neutral switch is going bad. This, unfortunately, is the worst possible scenario. As mentioned above, these switches are a major paint to get to and, to make matters worse, are no longer available from Honda. So, you'll have to remove and restore yours. For removal procedures, I suggest that you go here. For repair procedures I suggest you go here.

If all else fails, and prior to launching yourself into removing your neutral switch, I'd wait for others (with your year of GL) to comment on this thread. Hopefully, someone has a more insightful recommendation.

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Re: flashing neutral light

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My neutral light came on around 30,000 miles and has been on ever since. Sometimes it gets dimmer but it never goes out. It's been that way for the last 191,000 miles and 35 years. Ignoring it is one option.
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Re: flashing neutral light

Post by virgilmobile »

I hope it was the green neutral lamp and not the red oil pressure lamp.

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