electrical plugs , one year on.

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electrical plugs , one year on.

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about a year ago i posted a topic on how to correctly repair corroded and or dirty electrical plugs. here is some photo evidence that shows it is worthwhile doing. some will still say
" solder them together... its the only way." it is one way, true, but it is ( i believe ) a silly thing to do. the original plugs are fine, correctly maintained.
here is a link to the first thread posted a year ago.viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17175
and thanks Admin , for seeing this as good enough to be moved to the " how to " area.
the first picture shows the repaired plug one year on, with a bit of accummulated dirt and grime from what i would call normal use. this bike has been used in all weathers , although i tend to
not ride in the rain if i can help it. the next three pics show the contacts .

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Re: electrical plugs , one year on.

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Excellent follow-up. Thank you.

I did the same thing with my 'stator to rectifier' plug, which are famous for corroding, over-heating, melting and causing all kinds of electrical issues from poor charging to leaving you stranded. A year later, mine also shows zero signs of over-heating due to corrosion.

Here's my stator wire connector before I replaced it with an OEM style from Vintage Connections. When looking at it in the bike, the side that I could see was fine; no discoloration or melting. It wasn't until I pull it out and turned it over that I found this (and the source of my poor charging).

Mike Nixon has a nice write-up on his Web site regarding just this issue (un-soldered connectors) but, in great detail (as only Mike can do) with references to Honda bulletins stating that this should be considered the proper method.
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