1977 gl1000 kill switch

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1977 gl1000 kill switch

Post by darkfire3814 »

My father gave me his 77 gl1000. Yea me!!

I belive i broke the ground wire inside the kill switch on the right side controls..

I see where on the inner top of the control box there used to be a screw,, and there is a bear spot on one of the wires. I am assuming there was a wire that came from that wire and screwed into the empty screw hole.

I am wanting to know if anyone is able/willing to take a pic of there 75-77 gl1000 kill switch housing to confirm my thoughts. I would hate to spend $80 for a new kit if i can easly just sulder a wire in and fix it that way.

As it sits now it turns over just fine but im not getting spark. So im assuming that this possiable ground wire is why im not getting spark.

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Re: 1977 gl1000 kill switch

Post by virgilmobile »

It's not a ground.
Power goes into the switch and out.
You can download a colorful schematic too.
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Re: 1977 gl1000 kill switch

Post by Placerville »

Let's back up a bit. Was the bike running when you got it? If so, what have you been doing to it since you got it? Why did you have the switch housing open? Give us some more facts to work with so we can narrow this down. Right now, what you 'think' is wrong may be leading you down a rabbit trail.
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