engine running better, but ?

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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engine running better, but ?

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Hi everyone,
not been on for a while, please for give.
My gl1000 k2 engine is running a lot better(see other post)but I think it is still not running as it should, I have fitted new coils(had to modify air in take as it was hitting new coils) new spark plugs, new points,(I have adjusted points as advised on this site--could I get better adjustment and better timing with a strobe light ?).
I am going to sync carbs as soon as I can (I need adaptors etc. ) What should reading be on gauge ?) I know they should all be the same but is it 200,300 what ?.
I have got bike tested(mot),registered, taxed, insured aim ready to ride, but I am a bit scared to ride first time on road as bike is a bit to high for me to reach floor, should I bite the bullet ( or the road) and go for it ?). its a sunny day here in Doncaster a nice day to ride a Goldwing.
P.S I know I have rust in fuel tank, read about using sea foam in tank, is sea foam any good ?.How do I use it.

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Re: engine running better, but ?

Post by virgilmobile »

There's plenty of comments on "how to" clean a gas tank....Pick one you can do..

The sync....don't worry about the numbers,just accuracy...verify that your gauges read exactly the same when hooked to one vacuum port(tie them all together)...then separate them to each carb...
Keep the engine adjusted back to 1000 rpm after each adjustment....Your final reading should be very close to exactly the same on each carb at 1000 rpm....Use a control valve to restrict the vacuum so the needles don't bounce so much....

I too was a bit apprehensive on the first run....30 minutes up and down the driveway helped to feel the weight and balance the bike going slow...Shift your weight moving slow,turning and stopping ...
remember....if the bike is moving,your feet should be on the foot pegs,not dragging the ground...It's all about balance and slow moving is the hardest to control...anybody can go fast in a straight line....
Don't watch your front tire....where you look is where the bike will go....
I practice in a parking lot,back streets and turn abouts....slow maneuvering,stopping,starting,sudden stop control....spent hours doing that....I found muscles I never knew I had....Don't try to man handle that 800 pound bike...use your weight to counterbalance it....It's just practice....
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Re: engine running better, but ?

Post by castlewing »

Its good to hear that the engine is at last running better. What virgilmobile says is so true, but if you don't reach the floor you are going to have to ride accordingly or consider fitting a third wheel, either trike or side-car; although each comes with a whole different bag of issues. But practice low speed manoeuvring, whist ever the bike is moving forward at what ever speed it will want to stay upright, only changes in weight distribution will make it want to fall over. I take it you have watched the videos about how to get a wing back up after it has decided to lay down?
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