GL1000 frame serial number

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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GL1000 frame serial number

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Hello i would like to ask about a GL1000 LTD frame serial number,i search all the frame for serial number but i couldnt to find it.
The motorcycle is original without any restoration or accident.
Is it possible to be some frames from Honda factory without the serial number?
Also the motor,the carbs and the final drive have serial numbers.
Thank you

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Re: GL1000 frame serial number

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From a search on this site, the following is provided by Placerville. The search facility really works well.

Your bike doesn't have a "VIN" or vehicle identification number, it has a frame Serial Number. (Formalized VIN numbers weren't in official use for motor vehicles until 1981.) As you probably know, your bikes frame serial number is permanently stamped into the right side of it's steering neck. Also, there's a metal plate riveted on the opposite side of the neck with your bikes frame number and production date. 'Looking up' the Serial Number of your bike via any publicly available on-line source won't give you any information as DMV records for vehicles of this era simply do not exist. If, for some reason, you have a burning desire to know to whom your bike was first sold, some have had success writing to Honda Corporate in Gardena, CA with the request. Most likely, all they would be able to tell you is that it was sold to a specific Honda dealership. From there, the trail will evaporate. FYI, for a '79 Wing, frame numbers began at GL1-4100001 and the engine serial number began at GL1E-4100001.

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