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Restoration project

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:08 pm
by uknorthy
Hi Guys, new to this group. I have 1977 GL1000 K1 which I've owned for the last 10years, the first 5 years I ran the wing regularly but gradually the bike began to run rougher and rougher and due to lack of funds and a divorce the bike was taken off the road and put into storage. I'm now in a better position to start a restoration project on it but have no idea where to start. No doubt the battery will be completely shot, but before I start down that avenue what precautions do I need to take before I attempt a restart. I am no mechanic but have a reasonable knowledge of how an engine works. I've owned motorcycles most of my adult life (now in late 50's) so can take on a lot of the work myself. I have no intention of attempting to restore the bike to its original condition, I just want a bike the looks,runs and sounds nice. So its over to you guys for any advice you can give. Oh yes and I'm based in the UK.


Re: Restoration project

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:51 pm
by Fred Camper
Well, timing belts are due to replacement, as this is an interference engine and if you wait for a a belt to fail then you have a valve job and new pistons ahead and that causes you to shop for another engine.

The rough running was most likely an ignition issue.

Now that the bike has sat, the Carburetors will need a rebuild. These carbs hold a tuning well, but the fuel does a number on them when stored. Pistol Pete, Randall Washington and Mike Nikon are all good resources when you take on the task as they are a bit too detailed to try a do it yourself until knowledge is gained.