79 GL 1000. Would you do this trade

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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79 GL 1000. Would you do this trade

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I can trade my daily rider 82 Suzuki 650G for a Goldwing project. I know nothing about Goldwings. Can the average Joe work on them. My buddy thinks you have to pull the motor for a lot of things.

I have built a 72/73 Yamaha's from the ground up. Rebuilt lots of carbs, including the GS carbs on my 650.

I think I may want to do a cafe type build. Not real drastic though. I would still want to be able to ride it long distance.

This is from a local guy and I can trade my running 82 650G, plus he will give me a little boot.

Or should I run. This is from the seller:

1979 GL1000 running project. I have done a lot of the grunt work on this bike, but I will start with the bad.

To get it on the street it will need blinkers. Mechanically it is in good shape, but it has two issues. First, the rear two cylinders aren't getting spark. It has new coils, so the problem is somewhere between the points and coil. I think a new set of points and a condenser would do it. Second, I think the clutch will need some attention. Sometimes it catches and sometimes not. The trans clicks through the gears, so that's not the problem, but the clutch will need to be adjusted at the very least.

On to the good. It has a lot of new parts and work done. I have replaced all of the fuses, it has a new battery, I rebuilt the front and rear brake calipers, new rear brake pads, new rear brake line, new front master cylinder reservoir, cleaned fuel tank, new timing belts, rebuilt carburetors and vacuum valve, replaced coils with GL1500 coils, new plug wires, new plug caps, new spark plugs, fresh oil & filter and fresh coolant. Probably more, but that's all I can think of now. The tires have good tread but they are starting to get old. Good enough for now, but I wouldn't take them out of town.

I have a list of the money I have put into the bike, most of the receipts, and a journal of the work I have done. It also comes with a box of spare parts, and accessories (Hard bags, crash bars, grab bar, floor boards etc.) I know that I will not have much time to work on this bike until next winter, and I just don't want to watch it sit. I will trade up to a good running bike with a good title, 750cc or larger. Just run it by me if you're interested in a trade, worst I can say is no.

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