GL1000 '77 exhaust backfire

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GL1000 '77 exhaust backfire

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Hello! Please excuse my writing as i am from Norway and doesnt use english that much

I have a GL1000 which i recently bought and underwent a complete top end gasket change as one of the cylinders were without compression. I did this with help from a professional motorcycle mecanic. I also cleaned and changed all jets on the carburetors. Now the bike runs good again, but after the bike gets warm and left in idle the exhaust pops/bickfires quite much. Once i open the throttle again the bike runs smoothely and when i ride it everything is fine until it runs in idle or without resistance. Have anyone here had any experience with this? It seems like its only on the right side, but sometimes also a little bit on the left. Carburetor problem? ignition problem? Solutions?

After the reparation ive also got an oil leak from the contact breaker. Is this the oil seal to the camshaft that may have been broken during the reparation or may it be something else? To me it seems like there is an oil canal from the cylinder head to the inside of the first chamber in the contact braker, but there isnt supposed to be any oil in there, is it? Could this problem be related to the exhaust popping?

Hope someone could help me with solving this problem without me having to take it back to the shop. Or if you just have some other tips and tricks to a newbie goldwing owner, im very thankful!


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Re: GL1000 '77 exhaust backfire

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This is only one possibility and it's only a guess. Exhaust popping after removing and reinstalling the exhaust system makes me think of an exhaust leak. If the gasket wasn't installed correctly or a stud were loose it could allow fresh air to be pulled into the system and thus cause the popping.
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