Polishing inside of CV caps and slides GL 1000 carbs

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Polishing inside of CV caps and slides GL 1000 carbs

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I am cleaning and adjusting the carbs on my GL 1000 using the Raandak video and kit. In the video Randal uses crocus cloth to polish the inside of the CV covers, pistons and slides. I haven't found crocus cloth locally, could I use #0000 steel wool as a substitute?

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Re: Polishing inside of CV caps and slides GL 1000 carbs

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I have...Don't get to agresive with it...I've used 2000 grit wet/dry paper too...Even Mothers aluminum polish works well..Crumpled aluminum foil....Scotch Brite cloth.....Ya just wanna clean it..not resurface it...Beware that brake cleaner can disolve plastics too...
Keep in mind...CLEAN,CLEAN,CLEAN....
Just a speck can stop the slide...Do not use any oil anywhere...It attracts dust quick...
After your all done,use a shop vac on each carb...operate the throttle and verify that each slide moves up and down...don't just operate then with your finger and call it good...A slight difference anywhere can bind them....test,test,test..

Pre-sync the throttle plates....pre-set each idle jet...final sync on the bike..

Double check the floats...It had problems with mine absorbing fuel and sinking.(they were the original black composition ones)..this would raise my fuel level and then the bike would run horribly rich.Fouling the plugs too.
I confirmed this...I dried the floats for a couple of days...took one and dropped it into a coffee can of gas...made a mental note of where it floated at...checked 24 hours later and "SUPRISE"...they ended up almost completely below the fuel...I did dry them and dip 2 times in Polyurethane....dried well and retested...it seemed to fix this...I'm not certain how this would hold up with ethanol gas tho but keep this in mind...The fuel level is specific for a reason...just a couple of mm off and the fuel mixture goes with it...
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Re: Polishing inside of CV caps and slides GL 1000 carbs

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Before reinstalling the carbs, be sure the CV pucks can slide back and forth without having to use momentum. Just gravity should move those slides. If so, you will be very pleased with the throttle response.
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