Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Hi All,

this is a bit of a big first post i know. im hoping i can get some advice along the way.

ive been customising bikes now for a few years. i have been buying bikes with a view to alter their look, as i enjoy the uniqueness of something different.

one thing i havent done is a chop or mods where i alter a frame, or even rebuild an engine.

i bought a 1975 GL1000 as in my country, the legal requirements are tough on bikes post 88- regarding frame changes and other things.

i wanted to turn a bike into a boardtrack racer type stance- and because i really liked the brough superior, i looked for a frame that resembled it.

i looked at buying old harley frames etc, but the big twins arent cheap, and as i large guy, i couldnt see myself using a yamaha xs650 or similar.

the things that got me a bit stuck on the GL1000 were the shaft drive, and the tank and battery location, but i think ive got a way forward.

i have also been using blender 3d modeller to check lines and some fitment.

my plan is to rebuild the engine, carbs, transmission- remove the swing arm, convert to rigid, re-lace the wheels to be 21" front end rear, and add a springer front end,
low profile tank and make some full front and rear guards, and install a solo sprung seat.

the key is to set it up so that the guards and tank and seat are approximately at the same height.

i want to replace the radiator with something smaller- for front wheel clearance, and put in some low profile thermo fan.

ive got the engine out currently and ive watched some great videos on restoration but already have some questions- such as how to restore the block's appearance?

mine has bubbled peeling on it that looks like it was paint. im not sure if it is/was, or a metal treatment.

so, im writing this in the hope that some experienced goldwing members might lend me a hand and some advice.

i wont attach the pics of the disassembly, as there are multiple threads on that already.

ive attached some early 3d file pics though.

ill have the 3d model finished in the next month or so, so i can mock the whole thing up.

i also found a crack in the carb plenum- so need to know if i can purchase a new one.

looking forward to replies.



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Re: chopped

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I really don't know what the original paint was on the engine but you can use Dupli-Color Engine Enamel Ceramic, DE-1615 Aluminum.

It is a perfect match and is good to 500 F.

Also check out
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Re: chopped

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I have used several kinds of spray alum paint with good results. I don't think you will fair well with a smaller radiator as they are borderline too small as it is (in my opinion). I think you would fair better working with a chain drive.
Interestingly enough, I get a motorcycle magazine, and a article in one of them was about this stunt guy that called himself "the flying irishman". You can probably Google him. He made huge jumps (seems he crashed most of the time-maybe that was why he kept busy?)....anyway-huge jumps, and his stunt bike was a XS650. Must be pretty tough frames-I've had 2 XS650s and 1 650 special.....never jumped them, but they are tough.
My exercise bike is a goldwing.
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