Engine won't roll over!!!!!

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Engine won't roll over!!!!!

Post by rocks »

I've been working on 1977 GL1000 for couple weeks now. I got the carbs cleaned, pulled the cylinder heads, and cleaned the cylinders as much as I could. I wanted to change the piston rings, but I decided to leave as it. (The bike was seating for about 20 years).

So I put some penetrating oil into the piston rings. And I tried to roll over the engine with a kick starter and didn't move at all.

Where should I look next? Or how do I get to roll the engine over.

I didn't wanna use a starter just incase everything is jammed inside.

Thank you

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Re: Engine won't roll over!!!!!

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

You could put the motor in gear - 4th or 5th, then rock the bike backward and forward to see if it moves. I presume you have a rolling frame with motor in the bike.

What is the condition of the oil - and what condition were the cylinders when you removed the heads??

If it's been sitting for 20 years - a bit of extra care maybe - why was it parked - any idea? Hopefully the bottom end is good..
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Re: Engine won't roll over!!!!!

Post by wingman12 »

I have heard that using ATF (2 or 3 table spoons in each piston, with the bike laying on its side. leave for a couple of days and then do the other side. sounds like the rings could be rusted to the cylinder walls. Liquid wrench or any of the good penetrating liquids should get the rings at least loosened up. rocking in gear will also help after a little soaking.
good luck. other people will have additional solutions for you to try out. :D :D
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Re: Engine won't roll over!!!!!

Post by RBGERSON »

50/50 mix of acetone and ATF is one of the best solvents..follow the advise above but use this mix.


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