77 GL Timing marks on Fly wheel and Dyna setup

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77 GL Timing marks on Fly wheel and Dyna setup

Post by Liberaci »

I have upgraded to a Dyna S ignition on my 77 GL1000.

I used the instructions from Randakks site. http://www.ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=5720

One thing mentioned several times is the timing marks must be "SPOT ON"

When I turn the flywheel to F2, I get the marks SPOT ON. The static timing light turns on right at F2 - SPOT ON the mark

Here is the Problem:
1. When I rotate the engine over a complete revolution to when F2 apears again, the timing mark is slightly off the mark (It is certainly not SPOT ON)

2. I turned the engine over a complete revolution to where the F2 mark reapears....It is SPOT ON again, exactly where it is on the first revolution.

When I did the F1 markings for the second side of the dyna ignition (the side that adjusts with the allen keys on the ignition plates) i seen the same results. F1 on the first revolution - is SPOT ON. When I turn the engine over one full revolution to recheck F1, it is off slightly. Turn it over again and F1 is spot on again.

I thought it would be better to have the timing set to SPOT ON Advanced. vs Spot On Retarded.

I set the timing now so that I am SPOT ON on F2 with second revolution set at F2 slightly advanced.

I did the same with F1. revolution 1 = spot on second revolution is slightly advanced.

....I also checked that I am wearing my reading glasses. Check again - yes. I am wearing my reading glasses. This is exactly what I have observed.

Bike is not running correct. But turns into a rocket at about 5000 rpm. Everything smooths right out and runs perfect at high RPM.

Did I instal the Dyna wrong?

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Re: 77 GL Timing marks on Fly wheel and Dyna setup

Post by SnoBrdr »

I had much the same problem with my setup.

Finally said the heck with it and bought the C5 setup.

A bit more than the Dyna but it comes with the coils and wires.

Fairly simple to install and timing it is a breeze.

Know this doesn't help you but if you can return the Dyna, you should look into the C5.
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